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BlueSpice 2.27.0 Notable New Features

BlueSpice Copyright 2016 by Hallo Welt! GmbH

BlueSpice 2.27.0

BlueSpice 2.27.0 is a minor and maintenance release. This is a stable release.

Notable new features

New features

  • Page Assignments: Assign people and groups of people to pages, e.g. as responsible editors. Supersedes ResponsibleEditors.
  • Farm: Add metadata (like descriptions and tags), disable old wikis, organize your wikis in groups
  • Farm: Add central search across all farmed wikis
  • Testsystem mode: visually indicate when a wiki is a testing system
  • Disable users: Instead of user deletion, you can now disable the users while keeping their full record.
  • User-group self-service: Certain user groups can now assign users to groups without having to be sysops.
  • Managers: separate rights per manager. Certain user groups can now access a selection of administrative tools without having to be sysops.
  • UX improvements: Confirmation dialogues are more unobtrusive now.
  • Bookmaker: add pages directly to a book from the more menu
  • FlexiSkin: manage uploaded images
  • Removed/deprecated WantedArticles, FeedbackHelper, WikiCategoryTagCloud, GuidedEditing and WidgetBar
  • Track usage statistics: know how often a certain feature is used in your wiki
  • Namespace-specific notifications: get notified about actions in the wiki on a namespace basis
  • Semantic properties: Use data from BlueSpice as semantic properties
  • Reminder: several reminders per user and article, also assign to others
  • ProDistribution: Added Extension:Manual:Extension/DrawioEditorEditor and Extension:NativeSVGHandler
  • Distribution: Added BlueSpiceTagCloud
  • CategoryManager: A new manager to organize categories via user interface
  • Showtime: A HTML video player

Newly packaged extensions

  • HitCounter: Restores the hit count functionality missing in MW core since MW 1.25
  • EditNotify: Basis for page action notifications
  • Added connectors for Echo, LdapAuthentication, EditNotify, UserMerge


  • Fully MW 1.27 compatible