Error: Marketing would like us to modify the wiki background and replace the background image with an image that is one of ours. As the admin, I opened the active skin, highlighted it and the skin preview appeared. I uploaded a new background image and saved. The first time I did it, a message appeared to save a file called "api.json". It saved in my downloads folder. I'm not sure what this is and where I should put it. Could you please tell me how to modify the background image for my "NewSkin" so that it pulls the new graphic?

Solution: You can modify your background image with Flexiskin (https://wiki.bluespice.com/index.php/FlexiSkin) just upload the image there, save and activate your new created skin. (IE-Problem - work with Chrome and Firefox)

Error: I've tried multiple fresh installs of mediawiki and bluespice but have not been able to get flexskin to work at all. What i'm doing is simply trying to add a background. The images directory has correct permissions as suggested in the installation procedure. I got no error messages but what happens is I click browse to upload an image(png) and then click upload to upload it. Nothing appears to happen. The background doesnt change and the Background image field is empty.

Solution: Please try the current sources from - https://git.wikimedia.org/zip/?r=mediawiki/extensions/BlueSpiceFoundation.git&h=refs/heads/REL1_23&format=zip - https://git.wikimedia.org/zip/?r=mediawiki/extensions/BlueSpiceExtensions.git&h=refs/heads/REL1_23&format=zip - https://git.wikimedia.org/zip/?r=mediawiki/skins/BlueSpiceSkin.git&h=refs/heads/REL1_23&format=zip