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SemanticData- Optimale Nutzung Ihrer Wiki-Inhalte!

Note:This info refers to BlueSpice 2 and is obsolete.

What is SemanticData?

The larger your wiki, the more information is available. And the more information, the more difficult it is for your employees to work with this information. Unfortunately, computers are not really of assistance here, as they only see the data, and not the content within.

The solution: The extension package SemanticData for BlueSpice provides you with the tools to make the information in your wiki "understandable" for your computer. Based on the Open Source extension Semantic MediaWiki (SMW), you can now add additional information to your content in your wiki and bring them into relation with each other. This additional information can then be used to generate semantic queries.

Your advantages

  • Improved search results
  • Automatically updated tables for any topic in your wiki
  • Convenient data input via forms
  • Cross-linking of information

In a nutshell: more productive work within your system!

Which extensions are part of SemanticData?

The extensions that will be installed are mainly Semantic MediaWiki extensions, which have been partly adapted to facilitate the cooperation between BlueSpice and Semantic MediaWiki.

The following extensions are part of the package:

  • Semantic MediaWiki: This extension provides the main functions for semantic queries.
  • Semantic Forms: An extension for Semantic MediaWiki, used to build forms that enable structured data input.
  • Semantic Forms Inputs: An extensions for Semantic MediaWiki and Semantic Forms. Adds new form elements, like e.g. the date picker.
  • Semantic Result Formats: An extensions for Semantic MediaWiki that enables you to add additional output formats for your queries, e.g. as calendar.
  • DataValues: Required by Semantic MediaWiki. DataValues manages the consistent handling of values of various simple types.
  • DataValues Common: Required by Semantic MediaWiki, extensions for DataValues. Introduces new data types.
  • DataValues Interfaces: Required by Semantic MediaWiki. Basic library for the DataValues extension.
  • DataValues Validators: An extension for Semantic MediaWiki and DataValues, allowing you to check the validity of data values.
  • ExternalData: An extension for MediaWiki, used by SemanticData. Allows embedding and display of date from external sources.
  • Page Schemas: This extension for Semantic MediaWiki facilitates the creation of semantic forms. You can create semantic schemas via forms on category pages, and also edit them subsequently. Articles necessary for a form (properties, templates, etc.) are created and adapted automatically.
  • ParserHooks: Required by Semantic MediaWiki. Enables the definition of new tags via a uniform mechanism.
  • SMWConnector: Connects BlueSpice and Semantic MediaWiki.
  • Semantic Compound Queries: An extension for Semantic MediaWiki, allowing you to display the results of multiple SMW queries simulatneously.
  • Semantic Extra Special Properties: This extension for Semantic MediaWiki enables you to evaluate several properties of an article via semantic queries.
  • Semantic Internal Objects: An extension for Semantic MediaWiki, allowing a certain separation of data and article.
  • Validator: Required by Semantic MediaWiki to check the validity of entries.

How do I use SemanticData?

The functional range of all Semantic MediaWiki extensions is too big to cover it here exhaustively. Fortunately, there is already an extensive wiki that can answer all your questions. You can find it here.