Note: This extesion was used until version 2.27 and is no longer part of BlueSpice 3.

builds RSS feeds based on different options.
Status: stable
Developer: HalloWelt
Extension type: BlueSpice
Edition: BlueSpice free, BlueSpice pro"BlueSpice free, BlueSpice pro" is not in the list (BlueSpice pro, none, BlueSpice free, BlueSpice farm, BlueSpice cloud) of allowed values for the "BSExtensionInfoEdition" property.
Dependencies: BlueSpice
License: -"-" is not in the list (ISC, MIT, WTFPL, GPL v2+, GPL v2+ and MIT, GPL v3+, GPL v3, GPL v3 only, GPL v2+ and BSD 3 Clause) of allowed values for the "BSExtensionInfoLicense" property.
Activated: Yes
Category: Reporting


RSSStandards builds RSS feeds based on different options. Special page that describes an enables RSS-Feeds for chosen areas of the MediaWiki.

Usage / Features

  • RSS links should also be made available on selected pages of the online manuals and the main namespace. help.png,
  • For page, namespace and category and watchlist, the pages are selected via a drop-down box,
  • The contents of the pages are rendered as HTML parsed,
  • The following RSS feeds are offered:
    • Last changes,
    • Own contributions,
    • Page: Selection via combobox. Also files, images, filtering on input,
    • Namespace: Selection by combobox,
    • Category: Selection by combobox,
    • Watchlist: Selection by combobox.

Technical information


This extension offers no configurations.

Rights (permissions)

This extension does not require any special rights.


RSSStandards requires BlueSpiceFoundation.

User manual

For detailed description and usage, visit our user manual.

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