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Error: Bluespice 2.23.3 MW 1.23.15 LTS I have been trying to create page templates, and I can, but the templates that are presented during page creation, are red letter templates, and the template is empty at the page creation stage. I think what may be the problem is I am unable to choose "Template namespace" during template creation as shown at Here is what I see during template creation at the attached file. As you can see the "Template namespace" dialogue is missing. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Splution: This is a known bug in 2.23.3 [1]. You will need to update BlueSpiceExtensions to latest REL1_23 branch state (not released as tarball yet). You can find the download here: You will have to recreate the page templates as the error already got written to the DB. Alternatively you can try to fix the DB entries in bs_pagetemplate.pt_template_title (Remove namespace prefix). [1]