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What is Preferences?

Preferences is an extension allowing wiki administrators to change key settings of the wiki, without resorting to scripts and manual settings in LocalSetting.php file. These settings are wiki-wide, although some of them can be overriden on user level through UserPreferences.

Where to find the Preferences function?

Firstly, you need to have administration permissions in order to call up Preferences. If you have the correct permissions, you will be able to see the link "Preferences" in the "Global settings" and then on "Preferences" as you see on the image below. Click on the link and you will be taken to the administration page.


The functionality of Preferences

The display shows different areas for the individual extensions.


Preferences page contains many sections that are represented by expandable tabs. By default all tabs are collapsed. More information on individual settings of each of these extensions you can find on those extension's pages.

For example:


BlueSpice -  preferences

Setting Description
Authors Preferences for profile pictures.
Avatars Assigns an automatically generated individual profile picture for every user.
Blog Allows displaying of relevant information in a "news-feed" style on a wiki page.
BlueSpice Special preferences for BlueSpice. You can also set which data formats allowed here (by default: png, gif, jpg, jpeg, doc, docx, pdf, xls).
Bookshelf Enables you to combine different wiki articles to create books and also to export those as a pdf document.
ContextMenu Provides context menus for various links.
Dashboards Provides dashboards for users and administrators.
ExtendedSearch Full-text search in articles and files, faceted search, fuzzy search, spellchecker and sorting as well as search-as-you-type and auto-complete functionality.
ExtendedStatistics Provides an analytic view of many relevant parameters on the wiki.
FlaggedRevsConnector This enables to save articles in drafts and to release articles after a review process.
InsertCategory Provides a dialogue to see a category overview for inserting, as well as creating and deleting categories.
InsertLink Offers a dialogue to insert links without using the wiki code.
LatexRenderer Shows math formulas by rendering LaTeX markup.
TopMenuBarCustomizer Provides the possibility to customize the top menu links.
PageAssignments Assigns individual users or whole groups to pages, e.g. as responsible editors.
PageTemplates Offers the possibility to select from predefined content structures when creating a new page.
PagesVisited Provides a personalized list of the last visited pages.
PasteImage Allows to include images in an article using Copy & Paste and also provides to insert screenshots from the clipboard.
PermissionManager Allows an easy and convenient management of usergroup rights in a graphical interface.
RatedComments Rating system with up to five stars and comment functionality.
Rating Enables to rate articles with up to five stars
Readers Displays the profile pictures of wiki article visitors below the article.
Reminder Allows users to get an overview of the actuality of those pages in a wiki they are responsible for.
Review Set up editing and sign-off routines using workflows.
SaferEdit It saves the article automatically while you are editing at predetermined intervals.
Shoutbox Provides a box for commenting on an article and starting a conversation about the topics with other users.
Player Player enables you to embed and play all the usual HTML5 video formats in your wiki.
FlexiSkin Allows to customize the skin of the wiki.
SmartList Introduces a tag that can be placed on any page to show a list of most relevant pages.
StateBar It gives the user an overview of the article's essential meta information.
SyntaxHighlight Provides syntax highlighting and code rendering.
UniversalExport Enables the single page export to PDF.
VisualDiff Enables users to easily compare two versions of an article with just a few clicks
VisualEditor Is an editor you can use without having to enter special markup.
WatchList Adds a watchlist widget and tag.
WhoIsOnline Shows which users have been logged-in in the last 10 minutes.

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