Icon-note.png Please note
In BlueSpice 2.xx this extension was replaced by the MediaWiki extension "Notification".

If you wish, you can be sent email notification when articles are created, edited, delete or moved, when they are commented on(shouts in the Shoutbox) or when new users register.

Please notice: In BlueSpice 2.xx this extension was replaced by the MediaWiki extension "Notification".

Technical background

When a new user registers using the formula, the SysOp is notified.

Where can I find the function?

Screenshot: Open the User Preferences

Log on to the wiki. Click on the arrow at the top next to your user name. A menu will drop down. One of the options is (user) preferences. Alternatively, you can enter Special:Preferences in your browser. Choose the "BlueSpice" tab. You will see the section "Send email on changes". 

Note: Your email address must be provided and verified in the "User profile" tab, under "E-mail options".

The functionality of MailChanges

If you set up your preferences accordingly, you will be notified about: new articles, edits, moves, deletions and shouts (comments in the Shoutbox). Minor edits can be excluded from the notification. 

Screenshot: Example of an email notification about editing


  • Users are not notified about their own changes.
  • Notifications are only sent for shouts on pages on your watchlist.
  • Notifications about new users are only sent to users with sysop permissions.

MailChanges preferences

  • Notification for changes in specific namespaces (choosing more than one is possible). Emails are only sent when there are changes to articles in these namespaces.
  • Notification for edits
  • Notification for new pages
  • Notification for moves or deletions
  • No notification for minor changes

Tips for working with MailChanges

If you have activated the MediaWiki user setting "E-mail me when a page or file on my watchlist is changed", and also in MailChanges "Notification for edits", you will not be notified twice.