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Installation manual BlueSpice 2.27.3 as a local test system without installer

BlueSpice free local testing

This document describes the steps for the installation of MediaWiki 1.27.4 and BlueSpice 2.27.3 without installer on your local Windows computer. This allows you to take a look at the system and test the features.

For the Installation of a productive system please follow the genereal installation manual.


BlueSpice is a wiki software.

BlueSpice is used worldwide as a platform for collaborative knowledge management, as a knowledge base in customer support and as an uncomplicated tool for documentation and handbooks.

BlueSpice is mostly used as:

  • a central company wiki,
  • a technical documentation platform, 
  • a quality handbook,
  • knowledge management platform,
  • documentation tool for research and development.

Add user-friendly extensions to MediaWiki and make your administrators’ lives easier.

Step one: Install XAMPP

To install MediaWiki and BlueSpice you need:

  • a web server,
  • PHP,
  • MySQL.

XAMPP contains all three.

Please note that XAMPP should only be used for testing.

To download and install XAMPP click here

The download will in the Chrome browser appear as small notification in the left corner at the end of the page.  When download is finish you will get a notification in the corner, marked red as on this image:


Some browsers will ask you, where you want to save the download. In the case of Google Chrome you find the downloaded file in: C:\Users\Downloads.

When you install XAMPP, you should start Apache and MySQL so that they appear green like in this image:


In XAMPP click the button Config for Apache. Click on PHP(php.ini). You should get:


Look for tidy.dll (open the search with Ctrl+F) and delete the semicolon ( ; ) at the beginning of the line ;extension=php_tidy.dll.
Save with CTRL+S

It should look like this:


After this stop and start your xampp again:


Step two: Install MediaWiki

Now, when we have XAMPP, download MediaWiki here.

Please pay attention which version you will download. We need MediaWiki 1.27.3, as you see red marked on image below.


To unzip file use: 7-zip, winzip, izarc. When you open the unzipped file it should look like this:


Create a new folder in C:\xampp\htdocs. You can choose a name you like, but it should contain only lettets, numbers, underscore or dash. Name of this folder will be refered to as  {name} in later text. Copy the files from unziped folder (seen on the image above) to this newly created folder.

In some cases you might be asked: Do you want to merge? Answer Yes.

To check if all is ok, type in the browser: http://localhost/{name}

You should get: 


Continue by clicking complete the installation.

You should get:


Select a language and click Continue.

You should get:


You can see a green marked The environment has been checked. You can install MediaWiki. Click on Continue and you should get:


Change only Database name. I put my name, you can put anything you want (small letters and numbers, without space). Don't use a password - a password is already there by default - and click again Contiune.

In the next step insert the name of the wiki, your username, password and e-mail address.

On the end you will be asked:


We will just install the wiki, mark the second and…click Continue.


LocalSetings.php will be downloaded. Copy it and add it to the folder {name}.


Open a new tab in your browser, type http://localhost/{name} and Enter… will get:


Now we have a MediaWiki.

Step three: Install BlueSpice

Next step is to download BlueSpice from here.


You should unzip this folder and you will now find these files:


Mark all of them and copy them to C:\xampp\htdocs\{name}

In some cases  you might be asked: Do you want to marge? Answer will be Yes.

In C:\xampp\htdocs\{name} you find the folder extensions in that folder is another folder BlueSpiceFoundation. Rename there data.template to data.

Repeat this for config.template and rename it to config

Look for the folder cache in your {name} folder, make a right click for Properties and Security. Check if Everyone have permissions like in the image below. If not, go to edit, add Everyone and OK.


Do the same for folder images .

Open your browser and type: http://localhost/name/installcheck.php

You should get:


You should pay attention to red marked warnings, and fix them if there are any. The warning Checking error handling can be ignored.

Open LocalSettings in yor {name} folder and type this command: require_once"$IP/LocalSettings.BlueSpice.php";


Close it with Ctrl+S.

Go to your {name} folder.

Do not mark something, just on the white side (on the right side): Shift+right click and click on open command promt here.

You will get this:


Type here: C:\xampp\php\php.exe maintenance\update.php and Enter.

Wait until you get the message done as on the image below:


 Close it.

Open browser and type: http://localhost/{name}

Enter and you will get: 


You have successfuly installed BlueSpice!