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What is TopMenuBarCustomizer?

TopMenuBarCustomizer provides the possibility to customize the top menu links.

Screenshot: TopBarMenu of BlueSpice with additional links

The TopBarMenuCustomizer extension displays an editable top bar menu. It allows a ( single-stage ) drop-down.

Where to find the function?

As shown in the image above the TopBar menu is found at the top of the page. If you want to edit the TopBarMenu, enter 'yoururl'/MediaWiki : TopBarMenu in the browser bar. This will redirect you to the TopBar menu page containing the TopBar menu's text. MediaWiki namespace access permissioning is required.

The functionality of ...

Links are created as follows:

  • System title (mandatory).
  • URL: Urls can be pages in MediaWiki (e.g. Main_Page; HQ:Testpage) as well as external links (e.g.
  • Display title: In case there is no display title, the system title will be shown.

Convention for links at first level:

 * System title|Url|Display title

There can be maximum 5 entries on the first level.

Convention for links at second level:

 ** System title|Url|Display title

There can be maximum 25 entries.


* Wiki|Wiki
* Blog|Blog
* Homepage|BlueSpice Homepage|
* Social Network|Social Network|

Tips for working with

If the page MediaWiki : TopBarMenu has as yet not yet been created then the entries " Wiki " and " blog " are displayed.

See also

Our reference page.