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What is TopMenuBarCustomizer?[edit | edit source]

TopMenuBarCustomizer provides the possibility to customize the top menu links.

Screenshot: TopBarMenu of BlueSpice with additional links

The TopBarMenuCustomizer extension displays an editable top bar menu. It allows a ( single-stage ) drop-down.

Where to find the function?[edit | edit source]

As shown in the image above the TopBar menu is found at the top of the page. If you want to edit the TopBarMenu, enter 'yoururl'/MediaWiki : TopBarMenu in the browser bar. This will redirect you to the TopBar menu page containing the TopBar menu's text. MediaWiki namespace access permissioning is required.

The functionality of ...[edit | edit source]

Links are created as follows:

  • System title (mandatory).
  • URL: Urls can be pages in MediaWiki (e.g. Main_Page; HQ:Testpage) as well as external links (e.g.
  • Display title: In case there is no display title, the system title will be shown.

Convention for links at first level:

 * System title|Url|Display title

There can be maximum 5 entries on the first level.

Convention for links at second level:

 ** System title|Url|Display title

There can be maximum 25 entries.


* Wiki|Wiki
* Blog|Blog
* Homepage|BlueSpice Homepage|
* Social Network|Social Network|

Tips for working with[edit | edit source]

If the page MediaWiki : TopBarMenu has as yet not yet been created then the entries " Wiki " and " blog " are displayed.

See also[edit | edit source]

Our reference page.