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What is Shoutbox?

Shoutbox provides a box for commenting on an article and starting a conversation about the topics with other users.

Where to find Shoutbox?

Underneath every article you see a shoutbox. It refers only to one article (the article you see above). If a user commented on an article you will see a shout-symbol in the statebar.


Functions of Shoutbox



Write your comment or your message in the box. If you click on "shout it!" to post your comment.

  • Commenty are limited to a maximum length oft 255 characters,
  • A maximum of 20 Shoutbox messages is set in the default settings. To see further comments click on the link underneath the oldest comment.

Delete comments

Click at the cross next to your post to delete it. Confirm or cancel the process.

Information on the comment

If you want to know who postet a comment, have a look at the left side. You will see the autor's picture. If you click on the picture you will be redirected to the user's page. Underneath the comment you see when to comment was postet.

  • Attention: Shouts can be deleted only with a BlueSpice 1.20 or younger. In older releases deleting shouts is only possible by using the database.
  • In BlueSpice 1.20 (or younger) own comments can be deleted (separate or all). This can be changed in admin preferences). Therefore you need the right for archiveshoutbox.


  • There is no shoutbox on "special pages".
  • If you export pages as pdf, comments won't be exported.
  • You will see comments only in the "view" mous not during editing an article.
  • You will see comments only on article in defined namespaces (defining in preferences)
  • Use __NOSHOUTBOX__ in the wikicode of a page to deactivate the shoutbox for this page

Administration of the Shoutbox

Admins can apply settings for the shoutbox.




Tips on working with Shoutbox

If there are two posts from the same IP adress in a very short time (can be defined), then the system will recognize the shouts as spam and the shouts won't appear.

See also

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