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{{Messagebox|boxtype=note|Note text=Alle Videos werden direkt in [[File:youtube-icon.png|alt=youtube icon|left|32x32px|link=]] [https://youtube.com/BlueSpiceVideo YouTube] geöffnet.}}
{{Messagebox|boxtype=note|Note text=Alle Videos werden direkt in <span style="margin-bottom:6px">[[File:youtube-icon.png|alt=youtube icon|32x32px|link=]]</span> [https://youtube.com/BlueSpiceVideo YouTube] geöffnet.}}
==Organizing a new wiki==
==Organizing a new wiki==

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Note:Alle Videos werden direkt in youtube icon YouTube geöffnet.

Organizing a new wiki[edit | edit source]

Video Description Duration

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permissions role

Screenshot of a wiki formatted by FlexiSkin
youtube icon
With FlexiSkin you can customize your wiki design — for example: logo, colors, or fonts — in minutes. 6:30 admin, structuremanager
Screenshot of a standard main navigation
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Main navigation
By default, some links are provided as entry points to the wiki. Wiki administrators can deactivate these links in the configuration manager if needed. In addition, custom links can be added here. 4:30 admin, structuremanager
Customized main page
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Main page
This video shows you a convenient way to create a custom homepage layout. It can be applied to any wiki page. 7:43 editor
Custom menu screenshot
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Custom menu
Custom menu is an additional menu option with configurable items. It appears as a mega menu when expanded. Menu items can be modified by editing the page MediaWiki:CustomMenu/Header. 2:30 administrator, structuremanager
Category manager screenshot
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In addition to namespaces, categories are an important organizational principle in the wiki. They allow pages to be grouped and automatically linked to the associated category pages. 7:53 editor,

administrator (import)

Screenshot of a portal page with page lists
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Categories and page lists
Page lists are dynamically created links to a group of pages based on certain selection criteria. BlueSpice has different mechanisms through which these lists can be created. 5:09 editor
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