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Wiki administration made easy[edit | edit source]

This administrator manual is supplemental to the general user manual. Many topics that are of interest to wiki administrators, such as important wiki concepts like namespaces, categories, or templates, are already covered there. This administrator manual focuses on the areas of the wiki interface that are only accessible and editable by administrative users with sysop rights.

Additional resources[edit | edit source]

Here, we don't cover any topics related to server administration and configuration. For questions regarding server issues, you can refer to our Setup portal.

To view a list and description of all BlueSpice extensions, you can consult our software catalogue.

Questions?[edit | edit source]

If you have any questions that go beyond what is covered in this user manual, you can also ask administrator-related questions in our support forum at sourceforge.net/p/bluespice/discussion/1249668.

We hope you find it easy to accomplish your BlueSpice administrator tasks. If there is anything we can improve — and we are sure there is, please let us know at info@bluespice.com.


<bookshelf src="Book:Admin manual" />
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<bookshelf src="Book:Admin manual" />
<bookshelf src="Book:Admin manual" />