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=<span class="fas fa-pizza-slice" style="color:#ffcba4; margin-right:1em; font-size:2em"></span>Lunch talk: Multilingual wiki=
=<span class="fas fa-pizza-slice" style="color:#ffcba4; margin-right:0.2em; font-size:2em"></span>Lunch talk: Multilingual wiki=
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==<span class="mw-customtoggle-graphic">Supporting a multilingual wiki</span>==
==<span class="mw-customtoggle-graphic">Supporting a multilingual wiki</span>==

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Lunch talk: Multilingual wiki

Supporting a multilingual wiki

Mechanisms to support a multilingual wiki

"Smart" language switchers

Language support

options to define which languages are used in the wiki

Switching pages

a mechanism to automatically switch between the language versions of a page


a property that tracks the page language for each page (supported in BlueSpice pro)

fallback: categories track the page language (BlueSpice free)

Support for display title

needed for the subpage-technique

Switcher comparison

  • Languages: subpages
  • InterLanguages: unrelated pages

User language support

Based on system messages

  • imported with language switcher template
  • needs to be checked for {{CONTENTLANGUAGE}}

{{int:message name}}

  • Translates the interface message into the user language
  • {{int:lang}}

Add or switch content

  • Switch the entire page content
  • Show additional content

Support templates/forms

Switch labels

Category system

Multilingual categories

Further considerations

  • Ad-hoc on-page translation (DeepL) -> duplicate page to make translation permanent
  • Improvements to sidebar regarding language support
  • MediaWiki translation extension


Helpdesk EN: Multilingual wiki

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