BlueSpice 1-3

Note:Support for BlueSpice 3.x ends on March 15, 2023.


BlueSpice 3.2.10 is a patch release. This is a stable release.

  • BlueSpiceFlaggedRevsConnector - Performance of Special:Quality management overview is unacceptable (#25088)
The performance of Special:Quality management overview was poor. The performance has been improved.
  • BlueSpiceEchoConnector - Missing setting for notifications on minor edits (#27327)
A missing setting led to a flood of notifications for minor changes. Now notifications are sent only for major changes.
  • BlueSpiceBookshelf - Book content model does not create entries in templatelinks table (#27688)
The book content model didn't create entries in templatelinks table if a template was used in the book source. Now the class for the book model is derived from class WikitextContent instead of TextContent because TextContent does not support templatelinks.
  • BlueSpiceFlaggedRevs - Drawio editor doesn't respect FlaggedRevs (#27738)
When creating PNGs with the Drawio editor, the latest version was shown on approved pages. Now, a changed PNG is shown as a resource change on a draft version.
  • BlueSpiceArticlePreview - Preview images not created in farm environment (#27800)
Too many cookies broke the image preview in farm wikis. Unnecessary cookies are now filtered out to not exceed the Base64 encoded cookieJar allowed length of a CLI argument.
  • BlueSpiceFlaggedRevsConnector - When checking permission of the users to see draft pages, pages might get falsely blocked (#28054)
When a user accesses a page, a check returns to determine if the user can see the draft page. This mechanism blocked some users from seeing drafts, even though they are supposed to. This is fixed now.


BlueSpice 3.2.9 is a patch release. This is a stable release.

  • FlaggedRevs - Anonymous users see a link to "Special:Stabilization" called "vet" in right toolbar (#21550)
Anonymous user saw a link to page Special:Stabilization called “vet” in the right toolbar. This is now fixed.
  • performance of Specialpage Special:Quality_management_overview is unacceptable (#25088)
The performance of page Special:Quality management overview was insufficient and took too long. Now, performance is much better.
  • Remove "external avatars image" functionality (#25875)
The functionality to use external images for an avatar was removed, because external files cannot be checked properly for security.
  • BlueSpiceCategoryCheck - fix aria when categories are set (#26614)
When categories were set, there was an issue with the aria label. This is now fixed.
  • Bookshelf - headings with chapter numbers are prepended without checking the config settings (#26725)
The bookshelf prepended headings with chapter numbers without checking the configuration settings. This is now fixed.
  • Non-released page can be exported (#26736)
Users without corresponding permissions were able to see drafts by exporting resources. User permissions are now applied as expected.
  • Book numbering not working (#26800)
A problem with the book numbering caused a "1" to be displayed for each chapter. Book numbering now works correctly.
  • VisualEditor - cannot find title when searching for "§" (#26922)
There were some issues with the VisualEditor when searching for titles with special characters like “§”. This is now fixed.
  • Missing data for SpecialPage:Ratings (#27173)
The special page for ratings was empty and didn't show any results. Now the correct results are shown.
  • PDF Export shows FlaggedRevs notice (#27185)
When using the PDF export, a FlaggedRevs notice was shown on the page. This notice has been removed.
  • Users can log in without cookie consent. (#27249)
User were able to log in without cookie consent by tabbing “behind” the overlay. This is no longer possible.
  • Interwikilinks - links get `&action=view` appended (#27271)
Interwikilinks got “&action=view” appended automatically. This is now fixed.
  • Search - search won't match title unless it starts or end with the search term (#27278)
The search didn't find titles which did not start or end with the search term. The search now shows better results.
  • NamespaceManager - delete icon is not displayed (#27296)
In the namespace manager, the delete icon was not displayed. Now the icon appears on hover.
  • Fatals due to missing notification title (#27448)
There was a fatal due to a missing notification title. This is now fixed.
  • SECURITY: XSS attack vector in Search Center (#27481)
Users were able to inject arbitrary HTML (XSS) on page Special:SearchCenter, using the search term. This is now fixed.


BlueSpice 3.2.8 is a patch release. This is a stable release.

  • FlaggedRevs - "eye icons" break after review reset (#26521)
There was an issue with the red and green “eye” icon which is used for FlaggedRevs and can be found e.g. on the page history or on recent review steps. The icons broke after a reivew was reset. This is now fixed.
  • CategoryManager - adding categories produces an error (#26664)
Adding categories in the CategoryManager produced an error. This is now fixed.


  • Attachments - disable cancel button when there are no changes (#17754)
The “cancel” button in attachments was active even when there were no changes. Now the cancel button for BlueSpiceSocial entities is deactivated when needed.
  • Table border cannot be removed after selecting a table style (#17856)
After selecting a table style from the table properties drop-down menu, the switch "Styled (wikitable)" did not work. Now, it is possible to style a table without borders.
  • OpenSearch api is not working good with active BlueSpiceExtendedSearch (#20496)
OpenSearch API didn't work with active BlueSpiceExtendedSearch. This is now fixed.
  • SpecialPage - Special:Attachments doesn't work (#20904)
Attachments could only be found by using the special page “Special:Timeline”, type “attachment section” but not via “Special:Attachments”. This is now fixed.
  • Roles "commenter", "author" and "editor" do not what is expected on talk pages (#21427)
Previously, it was not possible to create comments for a blog or discussion topic without having edit permissions. Now, the role "commenter" can be used to allow users without edit rights to create comments.
  • Add link to the pages in notification digest mails (#22092)
The notification digest mail used to contain only the list of pages with events. Now, it also includes the links to these pages.
  • Links - <bs:uenoexport> tag prevents displaying links (#22997)
Links were hidden using the “<bs:uenoexport></bs:uenoexport>” tag. This is now fixed.
  • Edit notifications (and maybe more) are sent twice in some cases (#23689)
Some notifications, most notably edit notifications were sent twice when a user was subscribed to both a category and a namespace. This is now fixed.
  • Smartlist - Editing in VisualEditor leads to deactivated Smartlist option (#24730)
If a user created a smartlist with the option “Show new articles only” and then made an edit in the VisualEditor,  the option “Show new articles only” was disabled again. Now, this switch works correctly.
  • BlueSpiceCategoryCheck - checkbox needs different label and button needs to be improved (#25232)
In BlueSpiceCategoryCheck the checkbox used to have insufficient labelling for screen readers and also the save button didn't show a border or color change when it was focused. This is now fixed.
  • Edit mode - creating a page via plus button doesn't work and templates are also not shown (#25708)
Creating a page via the  plus-button did not open VisualEditor and there was no option to select a page template, even if available. Now, creating a page with the plus-button has the correct behavior.
  • BlueSpiceReview - incorrect order of participants (#25792)
When an assigned user rejected a workflow task and the workflow was set to continue, the order of the participants was rearranged incorrectly. Now, the correct order is applied.
  • BlueSpiceCalumma - collapse state of panels in the siderbars are not stateful (#25812)
The collapse state of panels in the sidebars of BlueSpiceCalumma were not stateful. Now, the panels in both side menus keep their state after reloading.
  • Bookshelf - naming leads to confusion (#25821)
The options “Edit source” and “Edit book source” in the bookshelf were confusing. We renamed these two options to “Edit” and “Edit source” instead.
  • Sidebars - "Edit sidebar" link is missing (#25841)
The “edit sidebar” links were missing. This is now fixed.
  • Remove disclosure of PDF generator service URL (#25907)
When the PDF service was not available, an error message was posted which revealed the URL of the PDF service. The message has been changed to not include this information.
  • Fatal error after footer link message changed to invalid title (#25988)
There was a fatal error after the footer link message was changed into a invalid title. This is nox fixed.
  • user get created as deactivated (#26000)
New users were created as deactivated users during the creation of a new wiki. This is now fixed.
  • MediaDialog - missing search results (#26013)
The MediaDialog didn't show any results int the “search” panel by default. Now, the default wildcard search for “*" is working.
  • TagCloud - incorrect display of tagcloud (#26015)
Using the magic word tagcloud resulted in an incorrect display. This is now fixed.
  • Approving page using ReadConfirmation mechanism does not work (#26231)
Approving a page using the ReadConfirmation mechanism threw a fatal error. This is now fixed.
  • SemanticMediaWiki - properties for pages are not beeing updated (#26262)
The update of SemanticMediaWiki properties didn't work correctly. This is now fixed.
  • ConfigManager - QM overview, draft groups cannot be set (#26315)
There was an issue in the ConfigManager which caused draft groups not to be set. Now, the groups are saved correctly.
  • bs-mypageassignments-store - performance issue (#26322)
There was a perfomance issue regarding the extension bs-mypageassignments-store. This is now fixed.
  • Smartlist - switch "show namespaces" doesn't work (#26418)
The functionality of the “show namespaces” switch in the smartlist was broken and namespaces were always displayed. Now, namespaces are not displayed when the switch is disabled.
  • Preview images are broken on first call (#26478)
Article preview images were broken when first generated and only appeared after a refresh. This is now fixed
  • Improvement of user management regarding deactivated accounts (#26029) It was not possible to remove deactivated user accounts from the user manager. Now, deactivated accounts can be removed.


BlueSpice 3.2.6 is a patch release. This is a stable release.

  • Discussion - latest comments not visible (#19765)
In each case, the latest comment was not visible in the discussion. This is now fixed.
  • Combination of categories and FlaggedRevs (#20636)
Category pages contained links to the non-existing pages "Special:UnreviewedPages" and "Special:PendingChanges". The links have been removed. The page "Special:Quality management overview" now associates categories with FlaggedRevs.
  • Review workflow log shows owner instead of user who completed the task (#21241)
The log entries always showed the name of the workflow owner for each entry and had some wording issues. Now it shows the user who completed a task and uses the correct wording for the type of action taken.
  • ExtendedFileList - Search term with space cannot be found (#22192)
If a search term contained a space, the file wasn't found in the ExtendedFileList. After unifying the search term normalisation, this is now fixed.
  • Searching for pages with umlauts as initial letters is case sensitive (#23016)
When searching for pages with umlauts as initial letters, the search was case sensitive. This is now fixed.
  • Missing properties when a page is not accepted (#24758)
Only properties of accepted version were loaded. Now properties of draft pages are also available.
  • Export pdf book does not work because expired review on an included page (#24904)
When a page was locked by a review workflow, the book export didn't work. This is now fixed.
  • ConfigManager - double entries and missing user in dropdown list of QM (#24998)
Some user groups were missing in the dropdown lists and some user showed up twice. This is now fixed.
  • Input in discussions is omitted and DDOS VisualEditor (#25005)
When typing a text in a discussion too fast and then clicking "Post", the end of the input was omitted. This is now fixed.
  • BlueSpiceUserSidebar - "Edit sidebar" link does not become visible on focus (#25233)
The "Edit sidebar" link didn't become visible during keyboard navigation. This is now fixed.
  • Missing error message when assigning a reminder to another user without proper rights (#25315)
Trying to assign a reminder to another user without having the required permissions resulted in a load time error. Now a permissions error message is shown.
  • Special:Reminder - filter doesn't work and display name is not correct (#25317)
There were some problems when creating a reminder. Filtering the list did not work properly and real names could not be used to assign a reminder. This is now fixed.
  • NamespaceManager - Deviations in the position of the symbols and the corresponding column name (#25369)
The activation status symbols in the NamespaceManager didn't lign up properly. This is now fixed.
  • ExtJSGrid does not have enough accessibility features (#25456)
To improve accessibility, we added missing alt-attributes to the manager grids.
  • QA-tools - overlays need some improvement in terms of meeting accessibility criteria (#25470)
The QA overlays needed some improvement in terms of keeping focus and navigability to meet the accessibility criteria. The accessibility of flyouts has been improved.
  • New temporary permissions in group lockdown do not work correctly (#25539)
New temporary permission in group lockdown didn't work correctly. This is now fixed.
  • Remove old unused TinyMCE VisualEditor plugin for entities (#25737)
The TinyMCE VisualEditor plugin for entities was unused and oudated and therefore removed.


BlueSpice 3.2.5 is a patch release. This is a stable release.

  • Dashboard - missing titles in portlet config dialogs (#21543)
Labels where missing when trying to configure any portlet in the dashboard. This is fixed now.
  • VisualEditor: pasting cells/rows from one table to another removes the target table (#21636)
Pasting cells or rows from one table to another removed the target table. This is fixed now.
  • Length of "job_params" exceeds field size in DB (#21814)
Length of "job_params" exceeded field size of the database and lead to broken jobs. This is fixed now.
  • Bookshelf chapter tree order not correct (#23144)
Children of chapter 11 used to appear as child of chapter 1. This is fixed by using natural sorting.
  • MediaWiki:Common.css rules not applied for print (#23583)
The rules of MediaWikki:Common.css were not applied for print. This is fixed now.
  • Bookshelf: using "display title from book source on article" doesn't work (#23614)
Using the BlueSpiceBookshelf-option "Use display title from book source on article" didn't work. This is fixed now.
  • PermissionManager: although checkbox is checked, the tooltip says "not set" (#24477)
Altough the checkbox in the PermissionManager was activated/checked, the tooltip said "not set". This is fixed now.
  • Improving size of dialog (#24600)
The size of the checklists' dialog was odd and needed some improvement. This is fixed now.
  • Permissions for namespace "Gadget" broken (#24660)
When trying to access any page in the namespace "Gadgets", it resulted in a permission error for any user. Now the correct permissions are observed.
  • Improving the print button (#24742)
The print option in the right sidebar was used to open a print preview in the browser. This was changed to open the print dialog of the browser directly.
  • Message key displayed in ConfigManager (#24831)
The ConfigManager showed a message key for BlueSpiceVisualEditorConnector. Now the message itself is shown.
  • Footer links are not accessible for anonymous users (#25109)
Footer links  were not accessible and displayed a permission error for anonymous users. This is fixed now.
  • Emoticons: unspecific alt-attribute (#25160)
Any emoticon showed the alt-attribute value "emoticon". Now the alt text matches the emoticon, e.g. "emoticon smiling".
  • Duplicate entries in subpage tree (#25313)
If a page had multiple subpages, the page's node also showed up multiple times in the tree. This is fixed now.
  • Special:Reminder: links to user profiles as if wgArticlePath was set (#25318)
Links to user profiles in the farm pointed to a less useful path. This is fixed now.
  • Page Forms - improvements to bs-grid (#25492)
There were some issues with the Page Forms input type "bs-grid". Some code adjustments were made to allow a proper use of the form.
  • MediaSearch - issue with search query (#25493)
There was an issue  with the search query in the MediaSearch extension, which resulted in an incorrect or no result at all. This is fixed now.


BlueSpice 3.2.4 is a patch release. This is a stable release.

  • Image border is not applied (#19326)
When a user activated the "image border" checkbox from the VisualEditor image dialog, the border was not applied. Now the border is set correctly.
  • BlueSpiceSocialTimelineUpdate only works unreliably (#19966)
Some issues with BlueSpiceSocialTimelineUpdate occurred. This is now fixed.
  • VisualEditor Bar lies over a flyout (#20012)
The VisualEditor toolbar was displayed over the flyout for the datepicker. Now the datepicker sits on top.
  • User preferences: Namespaces appear multiple time in reminder settings (#21881)
Namespaces appeared multiple times in reminder settings. This is now fixed.
  • Export button in search center is not working (#x)
The export button in the search center did not work. This is now fixed.
  • PDF export - broken table head (#24320)
There was a bug which seemed to break headers with colspan and/or rowspan. This is now fixed.
  • Period count in Social has wrong threshold (#24358)
The count of the period had the wrong value in Social. It displayed "one week and 7 days ago". Now it displays "two weeks ago".
  • Alias of main namespace won't let you change NS settings (#24379)
The namespace manager didn't allow to change any settings unless the alias was removed. This is now fixed.
  • Anonymization and deletion request can't be confirmed (#24446)
If a user requested anonymization or deletion, the confirmed request gave a "Request action failed!" message.This is now fixed.
  • Path for PDF templates cannot be found MW 3.1.14 - BS 3.2.x (#24525)
The path for PDF templates couldn't be found. All PDF export types work again.
  • Change cookie acceptance for convenience cookies from "on by default" to "off by default" (#24612)
Convenience cookies are turned off by default, so users have to opt in instead of opting out.
  • Private book is still not displayed in the bookshelf (#24623)
Private books were not displayed in the bookshelf. Now private books are shown to their owner in the book manager and in the book flyout.
  • New privacy policy consent mechnism does not work on SPs (#24779)
When a user visited a special page as first page in the wiki, the privacy consent prompt wasn't shown. This is now fixed.
  • Label bookshelfbookeditor shows message key (#24850)
The message key "bookshelfbookeditor" was displayed when visiting Special:Specialpages. Now it shows the correct label.
  • Use user's real name if available for SMW property labels in SearchCenter (#24881)
The SMW properties filter in the SearchCenter showed the user name for related types. Now the typ shows the real name instead of the username.
  • Export Data button throws error (#24899)
The export data button in the Privacy Center threw an error. Now the export works as expected.
  • TagSearch does not work if no namespace filter is specified (#24903)
If the namespace filter was not specified while defining a tagsearch tag, it added an empty filter, which failed. Now an empty namespace field is respected.
  • Mandatory PrivacyPolicy (#24981)
Configuration is added, that, when set to true, will force all users to consent to Privacy policy and Terms of Service, upon first login.
  • Wrong review "eye" icon in page history (#24982)
In the page history, the review history sometimes shoed the wrong icon type. This is now fixed.
  • Improve explicit category recognition (#24985)
If categories were using spaces instead of underscores, they were falsely recognized as implicit categories. Now, when category names are detectd, they are normalized.
  • Customization mobile view (#25017)
We made adaptations to font sizes and the table display for very small mobile displays.


BlueSpice 3.2.3 is a patch release. This is a stable release.

  • User manager: Opening popups causes them to open lower and lower (#17733)
When editing user groups in the User manager, each new popup window appeared lower and lower on the screen. This is now fixed.
  • Tooltips in some VisualEditor dialogs is cut off (#18824)
Some of the tooltip popups in VisualEditor's dialogs were larger than the container, so they were cut off. This is now fixed.
  • Inserting text and rows leads to incorrect position of a table (#19511)
If the number of columns or rows was typed in via keyboard, the table was always inserted at the beginning of the article. Now tables are inserted at the expected location.
  • Editor deletes some styling parameters in tables (#20598)
The editor deleted some styling parameters in tables. This is now fixed.
  • VisualEditor InsertLink dialog - button labels are cut-off in german (#21693)
In VisualEditor's InsertLink dialog, some buttons labels in German were cut-off. This is now fixed.
  • Doubled controls in SocialTopics (#21797)After creating a new discussion topic, some controls were shown twice. This is now fixed.
  • "Add to book" link in page tools creates wrong and duplicate links in the book navigation (#23953)
"Add to book" link creates wrong and duplicate links in the book navigation. Now the link works correctly.
  • Custom menu does not handle url with # (#24213)
Custom menu didn't handle a url with fragment. Now links with jump marks are possible.
  • Collapse sidebar for user without read-permission instead of not logged in state (#24244)For anonymous users, the navigation bar always loaded in collapsed state. Now, the sidebar respects the user toggle.
  • Changing the profile picture throws an error (#24270)
Profile picture change threw error while uploading. This is now fixed.
  • Fatal erro in PDF export on permission check for non-existing file title (#24276)
There was an error in the PDF export on the permission check for non-existing file titles. This is now fixed.
  • Bootstrap css for 'th' is overriding text-align:center (#24299)
When a text-align style was set,  it was overriden by bootstrap and the table header was always displayed left. Now the text alignment for header cells is working as defined in cell settings.
  • BlueSpiceUEModulePDF is not using ueparam for template (#24304)
The BlueSpice UEModulePDF was not using the ueparam for templates. Now this is processed correctly now.
  • Displaytitle of user page is not indexed by the search (#24319)
For users who set a display title on the user page, the search still showed the original title. Now the display title is indexed.
  • Wrong content model of NS_USER (#24374)
All pages in the User namespace had the content model "Book", not only the book pages. Now they have the expected wikitext content model.
  • Path for PDF templates cannot be found MW 3.1.14 - BS 3.2.x (#24525)
The path for PDF templates couldn't be found. This is now fixed.


BlueSpice 3.2.2 is a patch release. This is a stable release.

  • Book editor: "Own book" target url issues (#17195)
There were issues with the target url of new privat books. This is now fixed.
  • User manager: Opening popups causes them to open lower and lower (#17733)
When editing user groups in the User manager, each new popup window appeared lower and lower on the screen. This is now fixed.
  • Tooltips in VisualDiff are displaced (#18254)
When clicking onto a change, a tooltip was shown in the upper right corner or disappeared completely. These tooltips have been removed.
  • Left menu cannot be opened in smallest browser window (#20011)
The main navigation couldn't be opened in the smallest browser window or on mobile. This is now fixed.
  • Export to PDF doesn't show up on pages where a review is running (#20145)
The option "Export to PDF" didn't show up on pages where a review is running. This is now fixed.
  • Wrong link on old versions without permission to read (#20414)
Without read permission, the link for "Return to latest version" was wrong. Instead of this link, now only a permission error message is shown.
  • RSSFeeder: Broken TitleReadWhitelist and no permission checks (#21323)
Comment migration warnings broke the RSS output. This is now fixed.
  • Fix issues with PageAssignment I18N (#21752)
We fixed and updated plural and gender in the group assignment notification.
  • Smartlist: Deactivating namespace option not working (#22647)
Namespace prefix was shown despite the toggle switch being deactivated. Now it works correctly.
  • Book export link is not working (#22926)
"Export book" in the page tools in the sidebar opened the book page with url. Now this link exports the book as expected.
  • Auto-review from VisualEditor "save" dialog not working (#22938)
The approval option in the VisualEditor "save" dialog did not work. This is now fixed.
  • QM status is not displayed after approving a page (#23117)
The QM status was not displayed in the title area after approving a page. This is now fixed.
  • Drawio: issue when trying to insert using VisualEditor (#23335)
Inserting a drawio diagram via VisualEditor "insert" menu wasn't working. The required tag output is now working.
  • Magic word __NOTOC__ prevents export (#23468)
A page with __NOTOC__ setting produced an empty PDF page. This is now fixed.
  • Attachments are not exported to PDF (#23615)
Neither page "attachments" nor attachments in the content were exported to PDF. Now they are exported correctly.
  • Include files in TagSearch (#23703)
In TagSearch, files can now also be filtered by namespace.
  • Page categories editing label disappears (#23723)
The "editing" label for categories in the title disappeard under certain circumstances which made it necessary to reload the page. This is now fixed.
  • File upload: Umlauts missing (#23725)
For file names with umlauts, the umlauts were simply "omitted". Now umlauts are no longer removed from the file name.
  • Filters on Special:RecentChanges are not working (#23761)
Applying filters on Special:RecentChanges weren't working. Now the filters are usable.
  • Private book is not displayed in the bookshelf (#23784)
Private books were not displayed in the bookshelf. This is now fixed.
  • Backport mandatory acceptance of privacy settings on first login (#23883)
We added an option for accepting privacy settings on first login. Requires: $GLOBALS['bsgPrivacyPrivacyPolicyMandatory'] = true;
  • PDF export: Tables with th in each row are broken (#23997)
Tables with a <th> tag in each row were broken if they were exported to PDF. This is now fixed.
  • Wikitext in comments produces error (#24078)
Adding certain wikitext syntax in SocialComments displayed an error. This is now fixed.
  • Warnings break rendering of BlueSpiceCalumma (T275422 )
  • Replace usages of Linker::link() and Linker::linkKnown() in extensions of BlueSpice (T279344 )


BlueSpice 3.2.1 is a patch release. This is a stable release.

  • Cannot use files in namespaces in a book (#16492)
If you tried to add a file that is in an additional namespace to a book, it failed. This is now fixed.
  • VisualEditor's toolbar covers datepicker in forms (#17054)
The date picker menu in PageForms was covered by the edit menu of a text area. This is now fixed.
  • Editing categories over the user interface breaks semantic queries (#17857)
When you use category edit tool in the page top bar, it might break some semantic queries, in case they contain a category references. This is now fixed.
  • ExtendedSearch does not normalize file extensions within the index (#19106)
The search index distinguished between lowercased and uppercased extensions and showed them as separate entries. Now, all extensions are normalized.
  • Left menu jumps back to top after clicking a link (#19145)
After scrolling down to a link in the left navigation and clicking on it, the navigation jumped back to the top. Now, the position of the menu is kept in position.
  • Multiupload lists "fileexists-no-change" as "failure", even though "ignorewarnings" is enabled (#20490)
Some warnings appeared in the MultiUpload even though "ignore warnings" was set. This is now fixed.
  • BlueSpicePrivacy data export options broken (#20504)
Exporting data from BlueSpicePrivacy was not working. This is now fixed.
  • Profile infobox in UserManager is cut off (#21229)
In UserManager, profile info boxes (when hovering over a username) were cut off. This is now fixed.
  • UserManager gives no feedback if username and password are identical (#21912)
The UserManager does not create an account if the password is identical with, or contains the username, but the user did not get an error message. Now, an appropriate error message is displayed.
  • Glossary entries are printed in PDF without term definition (#22286)
Glossary terms created with the extension Lingo were printed at the end of a PDF, but without definition term. Now, the glossary is no longer included in the PDF.
  • UserManager gives endless loading spinner on updating user groups (#23069)
Sometimes the UserManager did not finish loading when updating user groups. This is now fixed.
  • ExtendedSearch cannot handle images in additional namespaces (#23078)
ExtendedSearch did not show a preview image for images in additional namespaces. This is now fixed.
  • Bookshelf chapter tree order not correct (#23144)
Children of chapter 11 used to appear as child of chapter 1. This is fixed by using natural sorting.
  • Add to book link missing in manage page panel (#23219)
  • TagCloud in searchstats mode shows wrong data (#23331)
In "searchstats" mode, the TagCloud showed the number of results that were returned by a given search query, not the actual number of times that the search term was queried. This is now fixed.
  • Position of search in navbar not correct (#23336)
We fixed an alignment issue with the searchbar.
  • Create new page from "plus" button not working (#23343)
The dropdown-menu item "New page" of the create-button in the main toolbar did not work. This is now fixed.
  • WhoIsOnline popup function not working (#23344)
The tag <bs:whoisonline:popup anchortext="aktiv" /> produced a link, but it didn't show the expected popup menu with currently active users. This is now fixed.
  • Individual notifications for edit action show doubled text (#23397)
Notifications about edits showed the text twice, but links only once. This is now fixed.
  • Cannot edit a social entity on user profile page (#23477)
The entity editor was showing up on entities that should not be editable. This is now fixed.
  • Semantic properties are not written automatically (#23487)
Semantic properties coming from transcluded templates were not written to the page. This is now fixed.


BlueSpice 3.2 is a minor release. This is a stable release.

  • Categories are not shown on profile pages (#16531)
Categories were not shown on profile pages. This is now working correctly.
  • <bs:timeline>: Parameter 'lockedoptionnames' doesn't work (#17310)
The setting "lockedoptionnames" did not lock the sorting option for the timeline immediately. This is now fixed.
  • Preference "skip dialog on discussion creation" setting has no effect (#17414)
Deselecting the ConfigManager setting "Editing > Timeline: Skip dialog on discussion creation" had no effect. Now an intermediate dialog is shown before page creation in that case.
  • Positioning of whoisonline popup is too far away from the pop-up link (#17471)
The popup for WhoIsOnline had some display issues. These are now fixed.
  • Linked articles are not clickable (#17752)
Linked articles in blogs and discussions are now clickable.
  • VisualDiff compares wrong way (#19100)
Fix the 'diff=prev' parameter resolution to correctly represented the version changes.
  • Pages are not automatically set to be "read" for the last editor (#20110)
Users who edited a page still got a prompt for read confirmation.  Now, editors don't get the prompt.
  • The page Special:SocialTags doesn't provide useful pre-filtered info (#20226)
We added tag prefilter when the pagename is given in the URL. In addition, the special page is now unlisted, since it would only be used as a "list of entities linked to this page" by a given link.
  • Provide online markers for Social Profiles (#20266)
Profile images of users who are currently online now show a visual indicator.
  • Reminder - usability issues (#21178)
Reminders are now listed chronologically in descending order on the reminder flyout. The link to the special page was moved from Global Actions to the Management section of the navigation.
  • Configurable search operators in ExtendedSearch (#21684)
The SearchCenter now offers configurable search operators depending on the search term, such as "Did you mean 'this OR that'"?
  • Internal error after saving a page (#21690)
After saving a page, the browser tab sometimes showed an "internal" error and the edit/create buttons were missing. This is now fixed.
  • Cannot save blog post (#21724)
It was sometimes not possible to save a blog post, which was caused by deleted users in the watchlist. This is now fixed.
  • Fix issues with PageAssignment I18N (#21752)
We fixed and updated plural and gender in the group assignment notification.
  • Extend semantic output format „bs-grid“ (#21796)
We now apply natural sorting in Async grid queries for Semantic MediaWiki.
  • VisualEditor: Pasting from Word produces html/xml code (#22082)
When pasting content from an Office document, additional xml code or comment tags were produced. This is now fixed.
  • Shared settings config not operational (#22097)
  • Advanced book chapter navigation (#22129)
It is now possible to navigate books using previous/next buttons in the navigation pane. The buttons are also available in the content area if configured via ConfigManager.
  • Error in MediaViewer (#22130)
When an image was stored in a sub-namespace, the mediaviewer did not open it. This is now fixed.
  • Namespace "Book" is not translated (#22175)
We enabled the translation for the  'Book' namespace.
  • Search term with space not found in ExtendedFilelist (#22192)
If a search term contained a space, the file wasn't found in the ExtendedFileList. After unifying the search term normalisation, this is now fixed.
  • Wikiexplorer column "Assignments" has formatting issue (#22208)
The Assignments-column of WikiExplorer had some formatting issues. This is now fixed.
  • Enhance approval process for included resources (#22230)
We improved the way the approval function handles changes to included resources.
  • SocialEntities returned as search results in title search (#22233)
SocialEntities were removed as title-search results, since they only contain automatically created content.
  • Own book in bookmaker redirects to wrong page (#22247)
The book editor is not a SpecialPage anymore, but it will be loaded when switching to edit mode on any page in the Book-namespace or below "User:<username>/Books/".
  • Discussion topic cannot be created (#22284)
Sometimes it was not possible to create a discussion topic because of issues with the user's watchlist. This is now fixed.
  • Make sorting in grids natural by default (#22315)
Grids are now sorted case-insensitive to make finding information more intuitive.
  • Adding a template page makes the "empty page" template unusable (#22327)
In some instances, it was not possible to create an empty page when custom templates were available. This is now fixed.
  • Search - indexing imported pages (#22529)
Imported pages were not indexed without editing them first. Now, they are indexed automatically.
  • Prepare ExtendedStatistics for release (#22573)
  • Mediawiki server configuration issue (#22594)
We fixed an issue caused by '_' at the end of an url.
  • ArticleInfo flyout - use store api to reduce load (#22605)
Added new strore api for templates and category to reduce html load.
  • SearchCenter fails due to broken filter config (#22654)
The search broke if the filter bucket was not an array. This is fixed.
  • Timline option lockedfilternames ignored by dis-/select all buttons (#22812)
The option "lockedfilternames" in the timeline did not work. It is now working.
  • Double booktitle in navigation (#22826)
The book title was shown twice in the chapter navigation after adding the navigation buttons. This is now fixed.


BlueSpice 3.1.13 is a patch release. This is a stable release.

  • "Outdated" watermark on expired pages is not centered and too big (#17446)
When a page is expired, the "outdated" watermark was not always visible when a page contains little content. This is now fixed.
  • Unsaved changes apear on next edit even if user explicitly canceled editing (#20345)
VisualEditor will not discard any unsaved changed if user accidentally navigates away from the page. However, if user explicitly discards the changes, those would still not get discarded. This is now fixed.
  • TagSearch category parameter does not work if the category has spaces in the name (#20667)
A category with spaces in the name was not recognized in the "category" parameter of the TagSearch. This is now fixed.
  • Issues with "global" ToC in PDF (#21725)
When exporting a PDF with linked pages, the "global" Table of Contents did not point to the right chapters or was not shown at all. This is now fixed.
  • VisualEditor - issues when a page has a question mark in its title (#21837)
VisualEditor failed to partially or completely parse a page if it contained a question mark in the title. This is now fixed.
  • Social entities are indexed by search engines (#21844)
Some types of Social entities did get indexed by search engines like Google. This is now fixed, none of the Social entities are indexed now.
  • Some columns not visible when exporting to XLSX fomat (#21866)
Some colums were not visible when exporting to XLSX format. This is now fixed.
  • Add checkbox to exclude duplicate pages from RSS feeds (#21932)
Sometimes the RSS feed listed the same page two or more times (e.g. , if it was modified multiple times). Now, a checkbox is available next to each RSS feed to prevent duplicates.
  • Add address of mailto links to PDF only if it is different from its label (#22014)
In PDF export, the label for a "mailto:" link will only be shown if it is different from the mail address itself.
  • Recognize dates in search terms (#22048)
The search (both in autocomplete and search center) now recognizes dates in the search string instead of searching separately for parts of a date.
  • WebDAV does not work with files that have spaces in their name (#22069)
WebDAV did not work correctly when a file has a space in its name. This is now fixed.
  • Add link to the pages in notification digest mails (#22092)
The notification digest mail used to contain only the list of pages with events. Now, it also includes the links to these pages.
  • Shared settings config not operational (#22097)


BlueSpice 3.1.12 is a patch release. This is a stable release.

  • Disable modification of overriden variables in ConfigManager (#18044)
Values of all variables in ConfigManager can be force-overriden in backend configuration files. If a variable is overriden in such a way, it appears disabled in ConfigManager to let users know that it cannot be changed.
  • Main PDF ToC and jumplinks inside the PDF are not working (#18587)
When exporting PDF pages recursively, the links in the main PDF ToC did not jump to the selected page. Links inside the PDF content that lead to other pages in the PDF also did not work correctly. This is now fixed.
  • Notification on page purge without confirmation (#19110)
When purging a page, users are no longer required to confirm the action. Instead, only a notification appears that the page was purged.
  • Search does not recognize namespace changes (#20027)
The search index did not get updated when a namespace was renamed. Now, a namespace change starts the index update for pages in that namespace.
  • Allow "Link to file" directly after upload in Media dialog (#20043)
The "Link to file" option was available only if selecting an existing file in VisualEditor's Media dialog. This option is now also available directly after uploading a document.
  • "Link to file" not working if file is in a namespace (#20140)
In VisualEditor's Insert link dialog, the "Link to file" functionality did not work if the file was in an additional namespace. This is now fixed.
  • Inserting links in editor of Social entities (#20932)
In certain Social entities, bullet points or numbered lists could not be added in edit mode. This is now fixed.
  • Improved indexing of draft and approved pages (#21016)
The search engine can be configured to index or not to index draft pages. Its functionality is now extended: If an approved page version is available, it is indexed instead of the draft version. Once the draft version is approved, the index will be updated.
  • Notifications for draft pages sent to user who cannot see drafts (#21238)
Notifications about actions on draft versions of pages were sent to users who do not have permission to view drafts. This is now fixed.
  • Privacy uses localStorage over cookies to determine user preference (#21272)
Privacy used localStorage to determine whether a user has already set their privacy preferences. Now, cookies are used over localStorage to determine privacy preference.
  • Improved pasting file links into VisualEditor (#21291)
When pasting a file link (file://...) into VisualEditor's "Link to file" dialog, the button to insert the link remained disabled. This is now fixed.
  • Allow configuration of RSSFeeder in ConfigManager (#21304)
A list of whitelisted RSS URLs and the maximum number of redirects can now be configured in ConfigManager.
  • Fix setting reminders on page creation (#21424)
If set in the user preferences, a reminder can be created every time the user creates a page. This mechanism was not working properly and is now fixed.
  • Semantic Glossary: link icons appear twice (#21641)
Popup for the Semantic Glossary term showed the "external link" icon twice. This is now fixed.
  • Include tracking categories to CategoryManager (#21642)
Tracking categories are now also available in the CategoryManager.
  • Allow saving empty books (#21643)
It is now possible to save new books without adding pages at the same time.
  • Book navigation in PDF not complete (#21644)
In some cases, the table of contents in a book exported to PDF was not shown completely or nesting was wrong. This is now fixed.
  • Fix approval hint when resources on page have changed (#21645)
If so configured, the approval mechanism displays a hint if resources (files or pages) that are included on the page have changed since the page has been approved. The wording for this hint message was wrong and is now fixed.


BlueSpice 3.1.11 is a patch release. This is a stable release.

  • Add a hint to the edit button when it is disabled due to ongoing review (#13116)
While a review is ongoing, the page cannot be edited. There is now a hint as to why the edit button is disabled when hovering over it.
  • Filters in NamespaceManager are functional again (#17431)
The filters for the state of a namespace were broken because of changes in how the data of NamespaceManager is retrieved. This is now fixed.
  • Labels for menu toggle buttons are ambiguous (#20262)
The labels for the buttons that expand/collapse the side menus were ambiguous. This is now fixed to improve screen reader accessibility.
  • VE: help URL needs to be configurable (#20523)
The URL for the help page of VisualEditor (in the help dialog) was hardcoded to VisualEditor's page. This is now configurable.
  • Current reviewer doesn't get a notification (#20661)
When a review was started with the option to follow the order of reviewers, only the first and the last reviewer got the notification to vote when it was their turn. Now, every reviewer in the list is notified.
  • File links get URL-encoded every time when switching between visual and source mode in VisualEditor (#20751)
File link annotations in VisualEditor were URL-encoded many times, every time a user switched between visual and source mode. This is now fixed.
  • Breadcrumb dropdown menu size is too small (#20902)
In some cases, with longer page names, the breadcrumbs menu was too small to fit all the entire page path. This is now fixed.
  • Broken label in mobile view when watching or unwatching an entity (#20966)
When you watched or unwatched an entity (e.g., on Special:Timeline), the label appeared broken in mobile view. This is now fixed.
  • Issues with watching and unwatching social entities (#20970)
Due to permission and caching issues, watching and unwatching social entities (e.g., on Special:Timeline) did not always work. This is now fixed.
  • Wrong tooltips on all UI elements (#21063)
Due to an invalid selector, the wrong tooltips for certain buttons were shown. This is now fixed.
  • Title in book navigation is cut off (#21069)
In the book navigation in the left pane, long chapter titles were cut off. This is now fixed.
  • Pasting file URLs to the VisualEditor applies wiki link formatting (#21132)
When pasting a file link (starting with file:///), VisualEditor would recognize it as a page in the File namespace. This is now fixed.


BlueSpice 3.1.10 is a patch release. This is a stable release.

  • Mailto links in PDF export do not work (#18629)
Exporting a mailto link to PDF showed the link, but due to the rendering service and/or PDF clients, the link was not clickable. To mitigate this, mail addresses are now written in the PDF.
  • Namespaces with dashes in name cannot be edited (#19283)
Editing namespaces that have a dash (-) in the name failed unexpectedly. Editing existing namespaces is now possible, while creating new namespaces with dashes in names is still not possible using the Namespace Manager.
  • Farm: Deleting an instance does not remove the indices from the ElasticSearch backend (#19405)
In a WikiFarm, deleting the instance would not deleting related indices from the Elasticsearch. This would lead to clutter in the Elasticsearch. This is now fixed, all related indices will be deleted when instance is deleted.
  • Not approved versions of files are visible to non-permitted users (#19529)
If the File namespace was under an "Approval" process, the latest versions of files, even if not approved, were visible to everyone (the version of the actual file page was displayed correctly). Now, the correct file version is shown.
  • Grammar issue in info about last edit (#20385)
The page status information about the last edit was grammatically incorrect in German. This is now fixed.
  • Only users with editor role are able to vote in a review (#20624)
In order to vote in a review, user needed to have the editor role, which is not always the case, and should not be required. This is now fixed.
  • VisualEditor does not work in text fields on new Form instances (#20646)
When using VisualEditor field in a PageForms form, it ony loaded in existing, but not new, forms. This is now fixed.
  • WikiPage entities show JSON code in their content (#20650)
WikiPage social entities showed raw JSON content in the their "content" field. This is now fixed.
  • Links in Social entity headlines are self-references (#20651)
Links in headlines of Social entities had a self-reference, causing a "jump to the top" issue. Now, every entity correctly links to the corresponding entity page.
  • Fix position gathering from jumpable elements in smaller sub divs (#20666)
Jumping to the right position was sometimes impossible, if the jump target was a smaller, nested div. The jumping behavior has been improved.


BlueSpice 3.1.9 is a patch release. This is a stable release.

  • Export with linked pages does not always work (#18360) To fix this, we improved rewriting internal links.
  • Fixed alignment for items in the page header (#19276)
Some items in the page header were slightly misaligned. This is now fixed.
  • Improvements in WebDAV handling (#19725)
Improved WebDAV handling to allow for a more diverse system and client application compatibility.
  • Fix sorting on grids (#20057)
Certain grids, in certain sorting conditions, provided wrong results. This is now fixed.
  • VisualEditor does not escape "|" (pipe) in Formedit (#20083)
If content in a VisualEditor field in a PageForms form contained a pipe (|) character, it wasn't escaped and therefore broke the resulting template call. This is now fixed.
  • Pages are not automatically set to be "read" for the last editor (#20110)
Users who edited a page still got a prompt for read confirmation. Now, editors don't get the prompt.
  • Improved search for files in "Insert media" dialog of VisualEditor (#20155)
The search in the "Insert Media" dialog of VisualEditor sometimes missed pages. The search is now improved.
  • Temporary groups for Auto review remain attached to the user (#20165)
The review process added users to a temporary group to perform certain operations and group was not removed after the process ended. Now, we use a different mechanism and temporary groups are no longer assigned.
  • Not only owner of the review can edit the review, even if the appropriate option is set (#20168)
The configuration option "Only the owner of a review can change it" did not work. Now, this setting is working as intended.
  • Anonymous users cannot see expiration status of a page (#20188)
Anonymous users could not see the expiration status of a page. This is now fixed.
  • Restrict viewing recent changes based on user permissions (#20203)
Recent changes were visible to users without permissions to view a page. Now, permissions are evaluated.
  • Wrong information displayed for page expiry status (#20204)
  • Some files are not indexed by the search (#20216)
For some external or local files indexing to the search failed, caused by the content or size of the file. Now, if the content cannot be indexed, the file will be indexed without content.
  • Template data dialog hidden behind navbar (#20277)
On some screen resolutions, the Template data dialog was hidden behind the navbar. This is now fixed.
  • Improved PDF export with linked pages (#20309)
Depending on the wiki configuration and the type of the links included on the page (especially Drawio charts), the PDF export with linked pages failed. The link handling has been improved.
  • Table inspector blocks the cell you're editing (#20326)
The table inspect popup of Visual Editor blocked the last couple of rows for long tables at the end of the page, making editing cells in those rows impossible. This is now fixed.
  • Some PageHeader elements were shown on ContentModel types that are not supported (#20381)
Some PageHeader elements were shown on unsupported ContentModel types, causing errors. Now, the ContentModel type is evaluated and only supported elements are diplayed.
  • Encoded characters shown in the "section matches" of SearchCenter (#20461)
If a page section contains special characters, their encoded version was displayed in the search result. Now, section names are shown properly.
  • Make result type "list" in ExtendedStatistics exportable (#20463)
The result type "list" can now be exported in ExtendedStatistics and the page size can be adjusted.
  • Use new dialog for "Acceptance" (#20482)The "Acceptance" dialog did not use the new dialog window layout. This is now fixed.


BlueSpice 3.1.8 is a patch release. This is a stable release.

  • Permission to assign pages hinders edit permission lockdown (#17157)
When the role 'editor' was locked down for a certain group, users in that group could still assign themselves to a page and re-gain the edit permission that way. Now, only user groups with the 'reviewer' role can assign users to pages.
  • Notification on changed user rights (#17328)
Notifications for changed group assignments did not work as expected. Now,  the correct notifications are sent when a  user's permissions (group assignments) are changed.
  • Items shown in Global Actions although no rights (#18206)
Items in the "Global actions" menu were shown even if a user did not have the rights to access certain special pages. Now, only the items for which a user has permissions are listed in the menu.
  • Links to unread changes in user's watchlist are not working (#18445)
The links to view unread changes on a page in a user's watchlist led to an "Undefined" page. Now, the links load the correct page.
  • Property "QM/Document state" shows "in revision", but the page is accepted (#18532)
The value of "QM/Document state" sometimes showed incorrect information. Now, pages in "first draft" are properly reflected in the property.
  • New BlueSpice icons (#19107)
Updated BlueSpice icons for favicon and footer images have been applied.
  • Improve width and position of breadcrumb dropdown menus (#19599)
Styling for items in the dropdown menus of page breadcrumbs sometimes appeared broken. The styling has been improved.
  • issues with aliases in NamespaceManager (#19638)
Sometimes, when setting an alias for the namespace, all other namespaces would lose their aliases. Also, removing the aliases did not work completely. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed issues with BlueSpiceSocialTimelineUpdate (#19721)
Some issues with BlueSpiceSocialTimelineUpdate have been fixed.
  • Categories not visible in the flyout if sort key is set (#19760)
If a category link on a page contains the sort key  (e.g., 1), this category was not recognized by the mecahnisms that list the categories on top of the page and in the Page Information flyout. This is now fixed.
  • Export subpages not working with images (#19813)
When exporting subpages (PDF recursive export), the PDF export was breaking if those pages contained images. This is now fixed.
  • Result format "bsgrid" only sorts and filters on visible page (#19847)
The Semantic result format "bsgrid" sorted and filtered only results of the current page. Now, the sorting/filtering is done on the entire data set.
  • Remove href form CustomMenu item if there is a sub-menu (#19874)
If a CustomMenu item had subitems, clicking on the main item opened the actual page instead of the sub-menu. This is now fixed.
  • VisualEditor breaks on malformed style-attribute values (#19969)
If wikitext contained invalid style tags, those would break VisualEditor. This is now fixed.
  • Undescores and spaces in namespace names in search are interchangeable (#20025)
In autocomplete search, specifying a namespace that contains an underscore can now be done using the underscore or a space. Also, namespaces can be specified by their aliases.


BlueSpice 3.1.7 is a patch release. This is a stable release.


  • Left panel expand button remains in the "open" position even after menu is collapsed (#15327)
In rare cases, when the user collapses the left navigation panel, the expand icon remained in the "open" position. This is now fixed.
  • Removed confusing hint from VisualEditor's upload dialog (#16519
In VisualEditor's media upload dialog, a misleading text was shown. The text is now removed.
  • Removed gray background from thumbnails in PDF export (#18631)
Thumbnails in PDF export received a gray background, which is not present when viewing the page on the wiki. This is now fixed.
  • Hide left navigation by default in mobile view (#18765)
In mobile view, the left navigation was displayed by default, which is confusing for public wikis that do not require the user to log in to see the content. Now the navigation is hidden by default, displaying the content right away.
  • User preference setting for always displaying the latest version of the page breaks the status info on page (#18812)
If the user, in user preferences, sets as preference to always show drafts when available, the age information on the page in some cases showed wrong data. This is now fixed.
  • Search for files in VisualEditor's link to file dialog fails if namespace is specified (#19333)
In VisualEditor, when user tried to insert a link to a file, the search only worked if the filename without the namespace prefix was typed. Now, the search recognizes both prefixed and non-prefixed search inputs.
  • Link for PDF recursive export is incorrect (#19344)
In the page tools, the link for exporting a page to PDF recursively was not working, this is now fixed.
  • Navigation link to BlueSpice support is broken (#19409)
The link to the BlueSpice support page in the left navigation was broken. This is now fixed.
  • Dropdown arrow for "featured actions" is not displayed (#19516)
The dropdown "arrow" icon in the "featured actions" button is not displayed in some cases. This is now fixed.
  • Sidebar does not interpret Userfunctions (#19519)
The BlueSpice personal navigation now supports userfunctions as well.
  • Semantic MediaWiki result format "bsgrid" is broken (#19569)
Using "bsgrid" as the result format in an "ask" query resulted in an exception. This is now fixed.
  • Add possibility to repeat reminders (#19637)
When setting reminders, users can now choose to add a repetition of the reminder, so it is automatically re-created in user-defined intervals.


BlueSpice 3.1.6 is a patch release. This is a stable release.


  • Dropdown for namespace selection gets cut-off (#16710)
Some dropdown menu items, mainly for selecting the namespace, were overlapped by the wiki header. This is now fixed.
  • Default RSS feed in dashboards not working (#17155)
The RSS feed portlet on user and admin dashboards showed an error. Now, the RSS feed works.
  • Permissions on included files in PDF export are not evaluated (#17933)
If a user did not have permission to see a file that is included on a page, the file was visible in the exported PDF regardless. Now, a placeholder "access denied" image is shown instead.
  • Approval history in PDF is incomplete (#18256)
When exporting a book to PDF, some information about the approval of the included pages was missing. This is now fixed.
  • Page information is missing pagination and sorting for section "Readers" (#18715)In the page information flyout,  some data was hidden due to a lack of space. The area is now scrollable.
  • Re-uploading files over VisualEditor or MultiUpload dialog does not work (#18757)
If a user tried to upload a file with an already existing name, an unrecoverable error was shown. Now, VisualEditor shows an error, but allows to continue the upload. MultiUpload allows the upload by selecting "Ignore all warnings". Uploading exact duplicates of existing files is still not allowed.
  • Creating a new page - directly jump to edit-mode (#18842)
In case no PageTemplates are available for the page creation, clicking on the "Create" button still required the user to click on the "Empty page" template option. Now, in case no PageTemplates are present, the page jumps directly to edit mode.
  • Sorting on Special:SearchCenter doesn't work (#19136)
Sorting the search results on Special:SearchCenter for some fields would lead to an error. This is now fixed.
  • Editing system namespaces deletes their names (#19149)
After editing system-created namespaces, the name would become blank. This has been fixed.
  • Text nodes are rendered as links in book navigation (#19232)
"Leaf" nodes in the book navigation were rendered as links and, therefore, differed from the other items in terms of formatting. This is now fixed.
  • Subpages are not sorted naturally (#19256)
The list of subpages in the breadcrumb navigation were not sorted in natural order and resulted in unexpected ordering. This is now fixed.
  • Notifications for page creation do not work (#19319)
Notifications for page creation were not being sent. This is now fixed.
  • User cannot interact with the wiki until cookies are approved (#19320)
On the first visit, the wiki "greyed-out" the screen until the user accepted the cookie settings. Now, page interactions before cookies are accepted are configurable. Also, the extension BlueSpiceMatomoConnector is now integrated into the cookie consent dialog (if installed) so that opting in and out of tracking can be done in the cookie consent dialog.


BlueSpice 3.1.5 is a patch release. This is a stable release.


  • Uploading a file from "featured actions" leads to Special:Upload (#16633)
Clicking on "Upload a new file" in the "featured actions" section of the topbar redirected to Special:Upload. This functionality is now integrated in the BlueSpiceMultiUpload extension, which allows uploading files without leaving the current page.
  • Book export crashed with too many files or with big files in the book (#16902)
When exporting large books with many (big) files included, the export failed. This is now fixed.
  • Checkboxes and checklists are not persisted (#17193)
Changing the value of a bs:checklist checkbox or list did not persist the change consistently. This is now fixed.
  • Uploading files over BlueSpiceMultiUpload does not respect user preferences for "watch this file" (#17353)
When using BlueSpiceMultiUpload to upload files, the option "watch this file" was always checked. Unchecking it had no effect. Now, the user preference is applied correctly.
  • Status information has an ugly line break when there are three elements (#17536)
In sentences with three elements, the page info sentence produced an unintended line break. This had some negative impact on the title section layout. This is now fixed for all browsers except IE11.
  • Problems when adding pages with umlauts to a book (#17973)
Adding pages with umlauts in the name to a book caused problems (pages were not found). This is now fixed.
  • User will get notified whan a new page is created even if only "Actions on watched pages" is checked (#18122)
When users checked the notification setting "Actions on watched pages", they received notifications about newly created pages. This was confusing, because new pages are not in the user's watchlist. The notification option "Page creation" exists separately now.
  • Default location of PhantomJS in linux is wrong (#18219)
Path to the PhantomJS service executable was wrong for Linux setups. This is now fixed.
  • Social entities are shown on Special:RecentChanges and Special:Watchlist (#18457)
Meta-social entities were shown on Special:RecentChanges and Special:Watchlist, which made these pages difficult to use. These social entities are now filtered out by default.
  • A review cannot be started when loading a review template (#18479)
The button for starting a review stayed disabled when a user selected a review template. This is now fixed.
  • Wiki will go out of fullscreen mode when a link to a different page is opened (#18484)
If the wiki was set to fullscreen mode, it lost this mode after clicking on an internal link. This is now fixed.
  • TagSearch destroys PDF Export (#18492)
The PDF export of a page that contained a TagSearch element failed. The PDF export now ignores the TagSearch element.
  • NamespaceManager is visible even if user does not have permission to make changes (#18560)
Users without permission to make changes with NamespaceManager could still see the special page and click on the controls without being able to save any changes. Now, only users with permissions to make changes can access the special page.
  • Main PDF ToC and jumplinks inside the PDF are not working (#18587)
When exporting PDF pages recursively, the links in the main PDF ToC did not jump to the selected page. Links inside the PDF content that lead to other pages in the PDF also did not work correctly. This is now fixed.
  • Attachment button for page attachments does not work (#18680)
Files could be attached to the page only by drag-and-drop, not using the "plus" button. This is now fixed.
  • Add notifications for page expiry (#18718)
New notification options for page expiry have been added to the notification preferences.
  • Review flyout shows with no content (#18843)
No content would be presented in the "Review" flyout. This is now fixed.
  • Hidden and tracking categories are shown despite user settings (#18880)
Despite the user preference to not show hidden categories, they were still visible in the page header. This also happened for tracking categories. Now, the user preference is applied correctly.


BlueSpice 3.1.4 is a patch release. This is a stable release.


  • Some configuration variables in ConfigManager do not have descriptions (#9662)
Increased the number of tooltips in ConfigManager.
  • Inconsistent image size properties for images of type "frame" (#16765)
Users were able to enter dimensions for image type "frame" in VisualEditor, but changing the size is not allowed for this image type. Size fields are now disabled for image type "frame".
  • Internal Server Error when saving the page due to EditNotify extension (#18114)
If a user was subscribed to receive notifications for individual namespaces/categories and deactivated the setting, saving the page that sends out a notifcation reported an error. This is now fixed.
  • Blog items are not displayed properly in search results (#18129)
Blog items and other social entities appeared as "(Blog)(Blog)" in autocomplete and as completely empty boxes in the SearchCenter. Blog entities are now displayed correctly.
  • Notification overview button is visible for non-logged-in users in mobile view (#18163)
The button for the notification overview was visible for users who were not logged in. This button is now visible only for logged-in users.
  • Changing the table style in VisualEditor is not always applied (#18176)
Setting the table style from the table properties dialog sometimes had no effect. Also, after changing the table style, the original value was still selected, even after it was changed. This is now fixed.
  • Button for notification overview is visible in mobile view even if Echo extension is not installed (#18214)
Now the button is only visible if the extension Echo is available on the wiki.
  • When exporting a book to PDF, all links in the book appear as external (#18224)
When exporting a book to PDF, every link to another wiki page was treated as extenal link and opened the target page in the browser. Links to pages that are contained in the PDF itself now jump to the page in the PDF instead of opening it externally.
  • Checklist is not saved when options are set (#18252)
Checklist of type list was not saved when there were additional options like color styles. Now cecklists get saved even with colors. The page gets saved as a new version which needs approval when working with FlaggedRevs.
  • Special characters in a book name are encoded incorrectly in PDF export (#18255)
When exporting a book to PDF, the file name did not show special characters. All special characters are now exported correctly.
  • Section identifiers are not persisted to the URL (#18266)
When clicking a link in the ToC, the page scrolled to the corresponding section, but the section ID was not reflected in the hash of the URL. This is now fixed.
  • Loading masks are not shown for some grids (#18345)
Pages like Special:UserManager, Special:NamespaceManager and simlira were not showing a loading mask before they were fully rendered. This is now fixed.
  • Watchlist appears empty in some cases (#18420)
When attempting to view your watchlist in the Watchlist dialog (not on the Special page), the list sometimes appeared empty. This is now fixed.
  • VisualEditor not completely visible in some resolutions in mobile view (#18476)
In certain resolutions and screen sizes, the toolbar of VisualEditor appeared partially or completely hidden behind the page header. This is now fixed.
  • Icon for editing/creating pages in topbar is enabled even if user does not have permissions. (#18537)
The button for editing and creating pages was clickable for users without permissions to perform the action. Users could not perform the action, however. Now the button is enabled only if a user has the necessary rights.
  • In VisualEditor, nothing happens after clicking on "Magic words" in "Insert" menu (#18562)
Fixed missing extjs dependency.


BlueSpice 3.1.3 is a patch release. This is a stable release.


  • Error when trying to save redirect pages in VisualEditor (#12766)
When editing a page that only has the #REDIRECT tag in its content, a client-side error occurred which prevented saving. The error is now fixed.
  • NamespaceManager does not allow adding multiple namespaces without reloading the page (#13736)
After adding a new namespace in the NamespaceManager, the dialog remained "disabled" and reloading the page was necessary to continue. The state is now reset properly after an "add"-action.
  • Editing talk namespaces in Namespace manager destroys the following namespace (#13862)
Talk namespaces were not recognized as such, resulting in NS_talk_talk names. Pages within the namespaces could no longer be accessed. This is now fixed. We also disabled FlaggedRevs and ReadConfirmation for talk namespaces.
  • Meaningless options for sorting offered in SearchCenter options (#14411)
Search sorting options had entries for entitydata that did not have any functionality. They have been removed.
  • Timeout too short for certain API calls in WikiExplorer (#14917)
In wikis with many articles or complex data structures, the call for data in WikiExplorer took too long, resulting in a timeout. We raised the limit to 30 minutes, effectively disabling the timeout here. Data should now be presented even in very large wikis.
  • All chapters of a book are shown on the same level in PDF table of contents (#15412)
In an exported PDF, the table of contents showed all entries on the same level, even if there were hierarchies. The hierarchy now shows up correctly in the PDF navigation.
  • Rating cannot be enabled in namespaces (#15947)
When migrating from BlueSpice 2, rating settings were not converted to BlueSpice 3 so tht NamespaceManager was not able to change the settings. There is now a maintenance script, which is also executed on update, to fix this issue.
  • Create new page from full text search with a namespace filter set ignores the namespace (#16258)
When a page was created from a search with a namespace filter, the page was created in the main namespace. Now, the page is created in the namespace the filter is set for.
  • TagCloud cannot be used with InsertMagic in VisualEditor (#16861)
A TagCloud could not be inserted or edited in VisualEditor due to a missing placeholder message. Now, a missing message does not break the inspector anymore.
  • Page assignments manager shows no entries (#16911)
In PageAssignments manager, no entries were shown due to a missing title information. This error is now caught and gracefully handled.
  • SocialEntity entries show up in standard logs and managers (#17073)
Since SocialEntity pages are used to store data, they showed up in several logs and managers. However, this is not neccessary, as they are only storing data for the timeline feature. We now hide these pages in standard views.
  • Content in tables gets different font sizes (#17132)
Font sizes in tables varied between standard cell and paragraph in cell constructs. The standard cell font size was aligned with the paragraph font size.
  • BlueSpiceAvatars ignores upload directory setting (#17151)
All avatars were stored in a subfolder of images, no matter what $wgUploadDirectory was set to. Now, avatars are stored in the correct place.
  • Duplicate page function is only available in main and talk namespace (#17349)
The option to duplicate a page was not available in many namespaces where it would make sense. It is now available in all content pages.
  • Unexpected update of links in duplicated books (#17390)
When a book was duplicated into a different namespace, all links were converted to the new namespace, which produced redlinks. Now, only links to pages contained in the new book are converted.
  • In Bookshelf, the OK button in the meta data dialog is always disabled (#17560)
Inthe " insert bookmeta" dialog, the OK button was disabled and new or modified bookmeta could not be saved. This is now fixed.
  • Cannot read protect main namespace (#17644)
Even though PermissionManager showed that the main namespace is locked down, everybody with the global read permission could still read it. This is now fixed.
  • PDF-Export does not handle stylings from Extension:TemplateStyles (#17697)
<style> elements added by Extension:TemplateStyles were not evaluated when exporting a page to PDF. This is now fixed.
  • PDF export fails when "external" Interwiki link exists on page (#17720)
If a page contained an Interwiki link that pointed to an external wiki, the PDF export failed. Now, this is handled correctly.
  • Add CLI script for management (#17737)
We added a script that allows setting page assignments from the command line interface.
  • Cannot specify per-page PDF export templates using bs:ueparams tag (#17738)
Setting a template in the universalexport:params tag had no effect. This is now fixed.
  • Watchlist dialog shows enties from other users (#17741)
The watchlist dialog also showed watchlist items of other users. This is now fixed.
  • Cookie consent cookie are deleted after some time (#17748)
Cookies are no longer used as a primary storage for a user's cookie consent settings. The browser's local storage is used instead.
  • Label for the notification preferences are not clear (#17753)
Labels for notification preferences were rewritten to make them more clear and unified across different languages
  • Name of the talk namespace is not updated when namespace name changes (#17813)
When the name of a namespace is changed, the name of its talk namespace is now updated as well.
  • Allowing browsing for file from "insert file link" dialog in VisualEditor is confusing (#17849)
The "Pick file" button "Link to file" tab in the link menu was confusing to users, since it openend the "Insert media" dialog of VisualEditor. The "Pick file" button has been removed.
  • VisualEditor sometimes stuck while loading (#17869)
In some cases, a required script was loaded too late, so that VisualEditor could not resolve its dependencies. The correct order of loading was restored.
  • Lists are not formatted correctly (#17874)
The numbers of ordered lists and the bullet points of unordered lists were not shown outside the text. Now all lists have a hanging indent.
  • Exception when exporting Talk pages to PDF (#17914)
Talk pages can now be exported correctly.
  • JavaScript errors while using ConfigManager (#17936)
Several different types of JS errors occured while using the ConfigManager. These are now fixed.
  • No filters in extended file list (#18042)
Filters were missing in the ExtendedFilelist special page so that it was impossible to narrow down the list of files. We restored the filters.
  • Page cannot be saved after editing (#18088)
Client-side error occurs when saving is attempted on a page containing a table with no specified width. This effectively leads to a failure to save. The error was fixed now.
  • Table styles cannot be applied (#18104)
Changing table styles in VisualEditor's table properties dialog did not have any effect for some combinations of styles and other features. This is now fixed.
  • Additional table functionality in VisualEditor (#18105)
Additional features: custom table width (%), cell borders (style, width, color), and text alignment within a cell.
  • Articles in first draft are visible to anonymous users (#18109)
Non-approved pages (in first draft) were visible to anonymous users and users who are otherwise not allowed to view non-approved pages. This is now fixed.
  • Double encoded UTF-8 characters in PDF export (#18130)
If a page contains special UTF-8 characters, like "ä", these will be double encoded in the PDF export
  • Fix common typos in code (T201491 )


BlueSpice 3.1.2 is a patch release. This is a stable release.


  • Help links in VisualEditor are confusing (#13163) Help links in VisualEditor pointed to the general MediaWiki help and feedback channels. They now point to BlueSpice help and support.
  • VisualEditor autosave dialog shows up even when there are no unsaved changes (#13364)
When editing a page directly in the same tab after new page creation, the autosave prompt appeared although there were no unsaved changes. This is now fixed.
  • Book manager: mass add via categories cuts off after 25 articles (#14299)
Mass adding articles to a book with categories had a limit of 25 pages. This limit is now lifted.
  • New page creation in IE behaves strange (#15495)
When creating a new page in IE, the "New page" field was emptied when the user stopped typing. This is fixed.
  • Embed file button in VisualEditor points to detail page instead (#16711)
The embed file option in the Insert Media dialog lead to a file detail page instead of embedding the file. This is now fixed.
  • VisualEditor: Media: links are transformed to point to a special page (#16886)
In VisualEditor, links to Media: namespace were changed to point to Special:FilePath. They were not recognized properly afterwards. This transformation is no longer done.
  • Broken link to Reminder management in Reminder flyout (#16934)
In the reminder flyout, the link to reminder management lead to a blank page. The link has been fixed.
  • Changing text color via VisualEditor inspector fails in wiki text mode (#17035)
Text color changes via inspector in wiki text mode are not possible. The inspector was disabled accordingly to avoid unexpected behavior.
  • VisualEditor breaks Media links with umlauts (#17085)
Media links containing umlauts blocked the page from being editable with VisualEditor. Umlauts can now be used properly.
  • Misalignment of lists containing blank lines (#17126)
Unordered lists containing blank lines were rendered without line breaks. This is now fixed.
  • Database error after login (#17136)
In rare cases, after a user logged in, a database error was displayed which disappeared after reload. This is now fixed.
  • Remote authentication is not working without autocreateaccount permission (#17186)
This permission is removed from all roles and automatically granted in remote authentication scenarios
  • RSS-Feeder produces fatal error in "Follow own" option (#17200)
The "Follow own" function of RSS Feeder failed with an exception. The functionality is now restored.
  • Talk pages can be created for non existing subject pages, but lead to fatal errors (#17209)
If a page did not exist, a talk-page tag could still be added, which lead to several errors and inconsistencies. This is now prevented.
  • Auto-generated avatar not working when using `img_auth.php` (#17221)
In certain authenticated environments, the auto-generated avatars were not loading. This is fixed.
  • CustomMenu registry not working properly (#17222)
CustomMenu registry was hard overwritten, which broke the posibility to register additional menus. The registration is now restored.
  • BlueSpiceSmartlist: toplist tag broken (#17233)
Toplist is dependent on WhoIsOnline. If that extension was disabled, the tag produced a fatal error. It now checks the dependency.
  • Expiry form elements ignore permissions (#17439)
Expiry form fields and action buttons are displayed to users even when the modifications cannot be saved to the server. Now, the UI reflects permissions properly.
  • Refine boost of recently modified pages (#17472)
Boost only pages modified in the past month to improve accuracy. Add configuration variable to tweak boost severity.
  • Migrate social discussions to standard talk page (#17473)
Add a script that migrates BlueSpice Social discussions back to regular talk pages to prevent a vendor lock in
  • Table header in pdf is not replicated on every page (#17474)
When a table spanned across several pages in PDF, the table header was not replicated on every page. This is now fixed.
  • Issues with display of old blog articles in Safari (#17475)
When calling the blog in Safari, only the newest entries were shown and infinite scrolling did not work. This is now fixed.
  • Flaky PHPUnit failures on PHP 7.1 for BlueSpiceNamespaceManager (T218525 )
  • Avatar with img_auth.php (SF495 )


BlueSpice 3.1.1 is a patch release. This is a stable release.


  • FlaggedRevsConnector: align colors for highlighting draft in version history (#5683)
FlaggedRevs used various colors to highlight draft revisions in the version history. This is now aligned to the BlueSpice color scheme.
  • Fix links to documentation (#13552)
Some extensions in "Special:Version" pointed to outdated documentation. The links are now fixed.
  • Privacy: Change avatar after anonymisation (#14216)
Avatar was not recreated after anonymisation and two parameters ($4 and $5) were not resolved in the anonymisation log. This is now working.
  • SocialEntities show up in watched pages (#14681)
In the watched pages list and in SmartList, SocialEntity entries were listed. Now they are excluded, since all items must contain wikitext.
  • Indexing huge PDFs fails (#15725)
In some cases, long documents were not indexed at all due to length limits. There is now a fallback: in this case, only the filename is indexed.
  • Ping request should start immediately on page-load (#16467)
Long ping intervals caused delays and a "Someone is editing the page" message. Now the ping starts directly after page load which allows for more granularity of ping intervals and reduced load on the server.
  • Namespace select box in Special:CategoryTree is overlapped by header (#16534)
On the page "Special:CategoryTree", some namespaces could not be selected. Now, the selection box correctly overlaps the header.
  • Privacy policy links should link to project namespace (#16594)
Links from Privacy Center to privacy policy pages pointed to a non-standard page. Now, the default link points to the standard privacy policy page of the wiki.
  • VisualEditor table inspector UI is broken in BlueSpice free (#16612)
The table inspector only showed icons, but no text and the icons were misaligned. The proper UI is now restored.
  • AND OR operators must work in search term (#16613)
The keywords AND and OR were not evaluated in SearchCenter. This is now possible.
  • Wrong link for "Add attachment" (#16629)
The link to the attachment page of an article was broken. It now works again.
  • Table formatting is lost on change between edit modes (#16639)
Table color formatting was lost when switching between Visual and WikiText mode. Now, the color formatting is preserved.
  • HideTitle should also hide FlaggedRevs information (#16738)
When using HideTitle on a page, the page revision status notification was still visible. Now, the entire title section gets disabled.
  • Use SSL link to in code documentation (#16789)
Many URLs in the code documentation of the source code pointed to "http:" instead of "https:", but user interface links were already set to "https:". Now, a secure connection is suggested everywhere.
  • Subitems in header menu are displayed all the time (#16808)
The second-level items of the header menu were expanded and could not be collapsed under certain circumstances. They are now collapsed and always collapsible.
  • ExtendedStatistics special pages ignores permission statistic-viewspecialpage (#16951)
Statistics could be viewed by anyone with read rights. Now, the page requires a special right, which per default is assigned to the admin role.
  • Add attachments button out of line (#16993)
In some cases, the "Add attachment" button was vertically misaligned. This is now fixed.
  • Remove dependency to PHP Tidy extension (#16997)
The PHP extension 'tidy' is no longer maintained or bundled in some distributions (e.g., SLES). The dependency on that extension was removed and replaced by an onboard MediaWiki solution.
  • Smartlist fatal error in mode whatlinkshere when no target given (#17008)
The smartlist tag was throwing an error when the attribute "target" was not set. Now, the attribute can be omitted safely.
  • Privacy: fix gender in anonymisation log (#17015)
The log message of an anonymized user was always male gendered. The log message is now gender neutral.
  • Attachments can not be searched when there are external locations (#17031)
Search indexing stopped overall when an external location could not be reached. Now, it just ignores that particular location.
  • Update repo file on WebDAV update (#17069)
Repo files are now re-indexed when they are updated via WebDAV
  • Add article button is displayed in mobile view when left sidebar is open (#17077)
The button had a wrong z-index, placing it above the menu. The z-index was fixed and now the button works correctly.
  • BlueSpiceAvatars needs 'editToken' replaced with 'csrfToken' (T233546 )
  • BlueSpiceExtendedStatistics needs 'editToken' replaced with 'csrfToken' (T233547 )
  • BlueSpiceFoundation needs 'editToken' replaced with 'csrfToken' (T233548 )
  • Checkup code passing $this by reference with a temporary variable (T234118 )

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