Installation BlueSpice WikiFarm

An existing BlueSpice pro installation can easily be extended with BlueSpiceWikiFarm. The existing installation assumes the role of the main wiki (=farm management). The contents remain there and can be maintained as usually.

Note:WikiFarm is not a standard feature of BlueSpice pro and needs to be acquired separately.

PHP prerequisites

Please ensure that the PHP extension ZIP is archived, which is required for BlueSpiceWikFarm.

Ensuring the correct path in the file system

Important for the operation of BlueSpiceWikiFarm is that BlueSpice is located in the directory /w of the DocumentRoot of your web server or VirtualHost.

If this is not the case, you have to move the entire codebase there.

After that, the variable$wgScriptPath in the LocalSettings.php contains the path /w.

$ wgScriptPath = "/w";

Creating the necessary folders for BlueSpiceWikiFarm

BlueSpiceWikiFarm needs two additional folders in the folder /w at the same level as the LocalSettings.php. You have to create these two folders:

  • _sf_instances - all data and configurations for the respective instances are stored here
  • _sf_archive - deleted farm instances including your database dump are stored here as ZIP archive

Make sure that these folders are writable by the web server. See also our (notes in the helpdesk ) for this purpose.

Creating the LocalSettingsAppend.php

Including the extension "BlueSpiceWikiFarm" first requires an additional configuration file with the name LocalSettingsAppend.php. Create this file on the same level as the LocalSettings.php and add the following content:

require_once "$IP/LocalSettings.BlueSpice.php";

Including the extension "BlueSpiceWikiFarm"

In the LocalSettings.php replace the line

require_once "$IP/LocalSettings.BlueSpice.php";


require_once "$IP/extensions/BlueSpiceWikiFarm/BlueSpiceWikiFarm.php";

Configuring the web server

In the folder extensions/BlueSpiceWikiFarm/SimpleFarmer/doc you will find example files for RewriteRules, which are necessary for BlueSpiceWikiFarm:

  • htaccess.template - RewriteRules for Apache
  • web.config.template - RewriteRules for IIS

Configure these RewriteRules for the DocumentRoot level of your Web server or VirtualHost.

If you experience issues with spaces in page names: Add RewriteRule ^([^\ ]*)\ (.*)$ $1_$2 [E=rspace:yes,N] if it is not already included in your rewrite rules.


The installation of BlueSpiceWikiFarm is now complete. From now on, you can reach the farm administration in the main wiki under the special page "Special:SimpleFarmer".

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