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* [[Setup:Installation Guide/System Preparation/Linux|Linux server environment]]
* [[Setup:Installation Guide/System Preparation/Linux|Linux server environment]]
* Windows server environment (currently being revised)
* [[Setup:Installation Guide/System Preparation/Windows|Windows server environment]]

==Install the BlueSpice application==
==Install the BlueSpice application==

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Note:For general questions regarding the installation, maintenance, and usage of BlueSpice free, go to our SourceForge help forum .


We are happy that you decided to install the latest version of BlueSpice 4.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Check the system requirements
  2. Prepare the server environment
  3. Install the BlueSpice application
  4. Optimize the configuration

Check the system requirements

Prepare the server environment

Install the BlueSpice application

Please select which installation type you need:

Upgrade and patch updates

Migration from MediaWiki to BlueSpice

Optimize the configuration

If you don't need to set up a server environment "from scratch", you can directly refer to the setup instructions for individual system components. Just make sure that you really have everything configured as needed:

Webservices for Apache Tomcat

Additional settings and optimizations

Security settings