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Date 2023-07-25
Severity Medium
  • BlueSpice Infrastructure: Ghostscript
Fixed in
  • Ghostscript 9.53.3 and 10.01.2
CVE CVE-2023-36664


A bug in ghostscript can be exploited to run arbitrary code on the host machine using prepared PDF document. In BlueSpice, when a) PDFHandler is enabled and b) a PDF document is uploaded, a preview image is being generated using ghostscript. If an attacker uploads a prepared PDF, they can execute code on the server.

PDFHandler is not enabled by default, but many installations have set it active.


Upgrade Ghostscript to a fixed version and ensure the updated version is used by adding $wgPdfProcessor = '/usr/bin/gs'; to LocalSettings.php.

If upgrade of Ghostscript is not possible, disable the extension PDFHandler. This, however, removes the ability for BlueSpice to render PDF preview images.



Found during an internal security audit.

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