allows uesrs to get an overview of the actuality of those pages in a wiki they are responsible for.
Status: stable
Developer: HalloWelt
Extension type: BlueSpice
Edition: BlueSpice pro
Dependencies: BlueSpice
License: GPL v3 only
Activated: Yes
Category: Quality Assurance


BlueSpiceReminder allows users to keep track of states of pages by creating reminders for the page on particular date.

Usage / Features

  • Set a personal reminder with date and comments on every page (via the flyout "Reminder" in the right tool box).
  • List of personal reminders.
  • Special page with filters for all reminders of a wiki.
  • Possibility to mark an article automatically as expired.
  • Simplified quality assurance through active reminders via email and within the wiki.

Technical information


Some aspects of this extension can be configured in the user preferences, in the tab "BlueSpice" in the section "Reminder". Here wiki users can configure:

  • Default reminder period.
  • Namespaces in which reminders will be disabled for.
  • Whether reminders will be set automatically on article creation.

Rights (permissions)

This extension does not require any special rights. Every user with "edit" can create reminders.


Reminder requires BlueSpiceFoundation.

User manual

For detailed description and usage, visit our user manual.

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