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Description: Simultaneous search in multiple wikis
State: stable Dependency: BlueSpice
Developer: HalloWelt License: GPL v3
Type: [Manual:Extension/BlueSpiceInterwikiSearch BlueSpice] Category: -
Edition: BlueSpice pro (deactivated), BlueSpice Farm (deactivated)

InterwikiSearch alows simultaneously searching other BlueSpice wikis.

Usage / features[edit | edit source]

If BlueSpiceInterwikiSearch is enabled and configured on the wiki, the Special:SearchCenter, shows results from other wikis. Results are shown as buttons on top of the results list.

Technical information[edit | edit source]

Configuration[edit | edit source]

To set up this service, wiki administrator must add following settings into LocalSettings.php:

$GLOBALS['bsgBlueSpiceInterwikiSearch']['Wiki_name'] = [
   "name" => "Wiki name", // Will be displayed as the wiki name in the results
   "api-endpoint" => "",
   "search-on-wiki-url" => "" // URL to the SearchCenter SpecialPage on target wiki
Note:This does not apply to BlueSpiceWikiFarm users, BlueSpiceInterwikiSearch within a WikiFarm is handled separately.

Rights (permissions)[edit | edit source]

This extension does not provide any additional permissions.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

This extension requires BlueSpiceFoundation and BlueSpiceExtendedSearch.

Demo[edit | edit source]

Try out InterwikiSearch in our demo


Test status: 2-testing complete
Checked for: Web, Authoring tool
Last test date: 2022-10-10
WCAG level: AA
WCAG support: partially supports (workaround: no)

Interwiki links are commonly not used. Only relevant for wikis that connect search to other wikis.

Web: screen reader needs label for interwiki search results announced. Ticket: erm30061

Authoring tool: Standard ext-js pagination issue: buttons not announced to screen readers.

Extension type: extended
Extension focus: reader