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Sometimes it is necessary to change the article title or to hide titles.

Overwriting article titles

By using the Magicword "Displaytitle"it is possible to change the article's name. This is important to distinguish between terminal and nonterminal symbols because MediaWiki always starts with an upper case.

Example: To change "IPod" into "iPod" please enter at the top of the page



Hide title

To hide titles please use __HIDETITLE__ at the top of the page when you are editing. Manchmal ist es nötig, den Artikeltitel zu ändern oder auszublenden.

Change article title

Changing an existing article title completely is not possible, but you can move the article's content to another article with the correct name.

Tips for working

This extension is very useful on the main page. There you won't see "Main page" but nothing or maybe a "Welcome".

Classical with mediaWiki

You will find a documentation for this MediaWiki extension at