The activity GroupVote is responsible for collecting necessary data about the voting of a group on a special topic. Unlike the UserVote, it is not possbile to delegate the task. A user that is part of a group can accept or decline a vote and also leave a comment that justifies their decision. The voting result is determined by whatever threshold has been reached first and ends the activity.

Short profile
Name GroupVote
Async No
BPMN type bpmn:userTask
BPMN Extension Element "wf:type" group_vote

Extension elements

Name of extension element Description Type
threshold Multiple thresholds can be defined element
threshold/type Arbitraty identifier, to be used in the connected gateway string
threshold/value Either absolute or relative number of users. Depends on unit. int
threshold/unit Either user or percent. string




Once one of the thresholds is reached, the activity will be completed and a <bpmn:exclusiveGateway> (referenced by <bpmn:outgoing>) will be called. It will choose its outgoing <bpmn:sequenceFlow> by mapping its name to the "type" of the threshold that has been reached.

<bpmn:exclusiveGateway id="GatewayGroupVote">


Name of property Source Description Type
due_date UIActivity Due date for task completion date/timestamp
assigned_group - Name of the user group that should vote; can be plain grouname as used in the DB (e.g. "sysop") string
instructions - Text that is shown to the group of user, so they know what to vote about string
users_voted - Not to be set in the workflow definition. Used to store data during the activities life cycle. E.g.
    { "userName": "UserA", "vote": "yes", "comment": "Good" },
    { "userName": "UserB", "vote": "no",  "comment": "Not good" }
Can be accessed by follow up activitites by e.g.



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