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The Word import is is available from BlueSpice 4.2.

What is the Word import?

The extension ImportOfficeFiles allows importing a Word document which will be converted to wiki pages.

  • The file can be converted to a single page or to a page with subpages.
  • Image files are also imported.
  • Imported pages can be used as a page collection for creating a book.

Import a word document

To import a Word document:

  1. Click New > Import Word file in the top menu.
    Import menu
    Import menu
  2. Click Select a file or drag the Word file in the drop zone.
    Upload dialog
    Upload dialog
  3. Click Next.
  4. Choose the import settings you want.
    1. Title:The title of the wiki page generated by the import. When the content structure is broken up, the chapters are created as sub-pages of this main page.
    2. Content structure: If the "Split content to pages" checkbox is activated, subpages are created from the heading levels of the Word document. This is possible up to 3 levels deep.
    3. Conflicts with page title:
      • Rename: The imported page is created as <page name> (1). However, this should be avoided, especially with large Word files that are divided into additional levels. It is best to enter a new page title here as an alternative. A naming conflict is displayed in the preview. In this case, if necessary, click Cancel to start the import with a new title. Or select "Override" as a conflict resolution.
      • Override: The existing page(s) will be overwritten with a new version.
  5. Click Next.
    The preview shows: (1) the names of the pages that will be created (2) via the arrow icon: the files that will be imported for the individual pages (3) via the eye icon: the content of the individual wiki pages.
  6. Click Import. After the import is complete, the created pages are displayed as a page collection in the wiki. You can view the pages from this page by clicking on the link.
Note:In a wiki installed with "German" as the content language (contentlanguage), the path to the page starts with MediaWiki:Page collection.

Create a book

It is easy to create a book from the imported pages:

  1. Click the plus button.
  2. Enter a book title and click Done.
  3. Click the Bulk Add button.
  4. Select Page Collection as the source.
  5. Select the page name of the imported file.
    Select page collection
    Select page collection
    The pages have been added.
    Add book pages and save chapter navigation
    Add book pages and save chapter navigation
  6. Choose Save and add book navigation to each wiki page from the Save menu.
  7. Click OK in the dialog "Change wikipage" associations. This will add the chapter navigation to each book in the page.
    add bookshelf tag to book pages
    add bookshelf tag to book pages

The book is now available on the Bookshelf page of your wiki.

Change the display title of your book chapters

Since the display titles of the book pages show the path of the imported subpages, it makes sense to edit the display titles afterwards. To do this, open the book page in source edit mode and remove the path with the trailing "/".

Changing the chapter titles
Changing the chapter titles

If the book has a lot of pages, you can copy the source code into an editor like Notepad++ and replace the following text:

|Employee handbook/

Replace the text and take care that the vertical pipe after the actual page name and before the page title is the replacement text.


Copy the source code back to the wiki and save the book page.

Updated book titles
Updated book titles

Sources of error

Images are not imported

  • Images have a background/shadow and only the background/shadow is imported: These images are not supported. Solution: Remove the background/shadow before the import.
  • Images are embedded as .tmp files in the Word document for an unknown reason. Solution: Before importing, save the images from the Word document locally and then use them to replace the original image in the Word document.

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