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An additional navigation menu can be created and adapted by administrators. For this purpose, the page <code>MediaWiki:CustomMenu/Header</code> is created by a user with ''admin'' or ''edit-interface'' permissions.
[[File:Manual:CustomMenu.png|alt=Custom menu|center|thumb|800x800px|Custom menu]]
Menus are created using the unordered list syntax. The non-clickable menu heading is always a main level (*), the actual links a sub-level (**). Further sub-levels are not possible. Example:<pre>*BlueSpice
** BlueSpice Homepage|https://bluespice.com
** News|https://bluespice.com/category/news-know-how/
*Hallo Welt!
** Homepage|https://https://hallowelt.com/
*Social Media
** Twitter BluesSpice|https://twitter.com/BlueSpiceTweets
** Twitter DACH|https://twitter.com/BlueSpice_DACH
** Facebook BlueSpice|https://www.facebook.com/BlueSpice.MediaWiki
** Facebook BlueSpiceDEU|https://www.facebook.com/BlueSpiceDACH
** Facebook Hallo Welt!|https://www.facebook.com/hallowelt.gmbh</pre>
'''Example: Link to a wiki page'''
A link to the wiki page 'Main page' with the label "Testlink":
<pre>** Testlink | Main page</pre>
'''Example:''' '''Link to an external website'''
A link to the website "bluespice.com" with the label  "BlueSpice Homepage"<pre>** BlueSpice Homepage|https://bluespice.com</pre>
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