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What is BlueSpiceUserSidebar?

BlueSpiceUserSideBar, previously known as "Focus sidebar", lets users create their own personal sidebar navigation.

Where to find BlueSpiceUserSidebar?


Every logged-in user has their UserSidebar. It is located in the left navigation, as the "Personal navigation" tab (clipboard icon).


Initialy, for users who havent yet customized their personal sidebar, it will show following widgets:

  • Pages Visited (widget PAGESVISITED): A list of pages user has recently visited.
  • My edits (widget YOUREDITS): A list of pages user recently edited.
  • Watchlist (widget WATCHLIST): The list of pages user is watching.

These widgets are predefined lists of pages, universaly useful for many users. These widgets can be used when user customizes their sidebar.

Customizing sidebar

Edit sidebar button

In order to customize the content of this sidebar click on "Edit sidebar" button at the bottom of the sidebar. This button is only visible when hovering over the sidebar. The user sidebar can also be customized by visting User:{username}/Sidebar. The page "Sidebar" is dedicated subpage of every user's user page and holds content of the sidebar.

New users, when first visiting this page, may have to create the page first.

Adding custom content

The syntax used to define the sidebar is same as the one used in main MediaWiki sidebar (MediaWiki:Sidebar). Enties starting with single star ("*") will be considered headings or sections while entries with two stars ("**") will be considered actual entries. To create sidebar that will show section "My favourite pages" and have links to Page1 and Page2 in it, correct syntax would be:

* My favourite pages
** [[Page1]]
** [[Page2]]

The sidebar can contain multiple sections. Also, users can use widgets to display predefined lists of pages, as described above. Widgets should be inserted as sections (with one star), like:

* My custom section
** [[Page1]]

Available widgets are:


See also

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