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The extension RSSFeeder introduces a special page that provides RSS feeds for many aspects of the wiki.

The RSS feeder page

The RSS feeder can be accessed from the left navigation in the the Global actions menu or by navigating directly to Special:RSSFeeder.

Special page RSSFeeder
Special page RSSFeeder

Types of feeds

The special page offers many different types of information to display:

  • Recent changes - feed with an overview of the recent changed in the wiki
  • Own contributions - feed with an overview of user's personal contributions to the wiki
  • Page - feed with updates for a singe page - page to monitor can be selected in the provided combo box
  • Namespace - feed with updates for a single namespace - namespace to monitor can be selected in the provided combo box
  • Category - feed with updates for a single category - category to monitor can be selected in the provided combo box
  • Watchlist - feed with different types of data for the pages in user's watchlist

Getting the RSS feed URL

After clicking on "Show" next to any of the types of feeds, a new page with the URL that provides the feed will be opened. Use this URL to connect client apps for monitoring RSS feeds. Using this link, users will get automatically logged into the wiki, so that even content not available for anonymous users is visible to them.

Whitelisting external feeds

External feeds can be embedded on a wiki page by using the <rss> tag. An administrator has to whitelist any external feed in the Config manager (exension: BlueSpiceRSSFeeder) before the feed can be displayed in the wiki

  • URL whitelist: RSS feeds need to be whitelisted here by an administrator before they can be displayed in a wiki page.
  • Maximum number of allowed redirects: If there are URL redirects for any of the whitelisted URLs, the number of redirects needs to be adjusted (usually to 1 or 2).
RSS Feed settings
RSS Feed settings

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