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What is BlueSpiceCountThings?

BlueSpiceCountThings introduces a set of tags that allow for counting various metadata in the wiki. These information will be displayed on page in the configurable table.

Using BlueSpiceCountThings

Tags made available by this extensions are:

  • countarticles - Displays total number of articles on the wiki
  • countusers - Displays total number of users registered on the wiki
  • countfiles - Displays total number of files uploaded to the wiki
  • countcharacters - This tag can be set up in several modes:
    • Chars – number of characters on current page (based on the wiki code, including spaces)
    • Words – number of words on current page
    • Pages – number of pages current article would have if printed/exported
    • All – default mode – shows all the information above in a table

Inserting tags

In order for information from this extension to be displayed on page, an editor must add desired tags on the page.

Tags are added through InsertMagic dialog, which can be accessed by clicking on "Insert" in VisualEditor toolbar and then on "Magic word". In the resulting dialog, choose one of the four previously mentioned types of tags and click "Done".


Configuring countcharacters tag


While other tags have no configuration options, and just adding them to the page is sufficient, "countcharacters" tag must first be configured.

After inserting this tag, or clicking on existing tag already on the page, a dialog for configuration (inspector) will open. In this dialog, in the main text input field, the name of the page for which to count characters must be inserted. This name should include the namespace in case the page is not in the main namespace. Below the text input field, there is a dropdown box to select the mode (see above).

Inserting tags in wikitext

"countcharacters" tag in mode "All" on saved page

In addition to using the visual editing mode, tags can be inserted using wikitext syntax as well. Use the following syntax when inserting tags directly in wikitext.

<bs:countarticles />
<bs:countusers />
<bs:countfiles />
<bs:countcharacters mode="Words">ARTICLENAME</bs:countcharacters>

For the "countcharacters" tag, replace ARTICLENAME with proper page title. Also, "mode" can be adjusted as needed.

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