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Page information

About the page information

The most important meta information about a page is displayed on the page information flyout that is part of the quality management tools of the page.


The following information is available here:

  • Time of the last edit
  • Last editor
  • Number of views
  • The categories the page belongs to. These can be edited directly from here.
  • Templates used on the page
  • Subpages of a page (visible only when the page actually has subpages)


The page information in the Quality management toolbar is provided by the extension BlueSpiceArticleInfo.

In the Config manager, you can change the following settings:

Settings in ConfigManager
Settings in ConfigManager

BlueSpiceArticleInfo, together with BlueSpiceAuthors, BlueSpiceReaders, and BlueSpiceExtendedSearch is part of the Page information in the quality management tools.

  • Update interval in seconds: Sets the refresh rate for the "Last edit" value. By default, this date is updated every 10 seconds via JavaScript.
article info
article info

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