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A bot is a computer program that automatically restores or updates wiki pages when it is executed. Typically, bots take on repetitive tasks that are too big to be done manually.
Special spelling to put a link in wikis. A word begins with a capital letter and has at least one other capital letter in the middle. Usually several words are simply put together with capital letters, e.g. "WikiWord" or "WhatIsCamelCase".
Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. Generally, this is used to check who entered text in Internet forms because robots are often misused here.
Cascading Style Sheets. A computer language for the design of digital, mainly web-based documents.
Important information is summarized on one page. This page serves as an entry point for users to more detailed information. The dashboard is usually user-specific and can therefore be customized.
Function in the wiki that shows the differences between two versions of a page.
Discussion page
There is a separate discussion page for each article page. The content of the article can be discussed there. Here it is also common to leave all comments and add a signature after your own comment.
Dynamic Page List. An extension that displays wiki content with a variety of selection parameters.
edit war
Two or more users delete each other's posts repeatedly.
Protocol for encrypting and authenticating communication between the web server and browser on the World Wide Web.
Categories help add an additional level of structuring to content and to find content more quickly. Content is tagged with categories.
magic word
A "magic word" is a kind of character string. MediaWiki combines this with an output value or a function, such as times, website information or page names.
Wiki users with special technical access rights. Ensures that the content in the wiki is maintained, conventions are observed and the mood in the community is and remains pleasant.
A separate area in the wiki. Content in namespaces can be edited using special authorizations. A namespace can be recognized by a prefix separated by a colon in front of the page name.
Computer-readable summary of a website, which is queried at regular intervals by a reading program and prepared for the user.
open edit
A text that everyone can change so that the changes appear in the original
open source
The source code of a program is freely available and can be changed and distributed by everyone. ;pipe: The character "|". In wiki code it is needed for creating internal links
Link that leads to posts that can no longer be reached by default (e.g, a link to an older page version)
an entry or landing page for a topic or a wiki area.
Really Simple Syndication. An RSS feed consists of an XML file that contains the pure structured content - for example a news page - but no layout. Allows you to subscribe to content or changes to a website in a summarized form as a feed. Examples are news tickers or the list of changes in a wiki.
recent changes
page where the latest changes in the wiki are listed.
Restoring the old version of a page.
Test page in the wiki, on which everyone can try out different wiki functions.
The main navigation menus in a MediaWiki
page template
When creating a new page, page templates allow selecting from predefined content structures (templates, e.g. table of contents, blocks, layout, content elements) and thus creating uniformity for certain page types
a forwarded page that points to a target page. Helps to avoid duplicates and content sprawl. Redirects are set up for out-of-date pages that are no longer needed or that match the content of other pages. ;semantic function:Structured data with complex queries.
special page
Automatically generated content that offers overviews or various options for managing and maintaining the system.
Wiki tags are XML tags which can be parameterized and produce an output as defined by the programmer.
Author who does not cause objective reactions, but primarily wants to provoke and irritate.
user generated content
Content that was put on the Internet by private users. Examples of this are Wikipedia, but also YouTube and blogs.
The "History" or "Version history" function documents all previous versions or changes to a single page. It also allows to restore an old version (rollback).
Small utility program that takes on smaller functions such as displaying the clock.
wiki gardener
view maintainer
Tasks can be assigned to a person via a workflow. The person who has been assigned a task receives a notification.
What You See Is What You Get. In this view it is not necessary to write using wiki code. When writing, the visual editor shows the text as it looks after the page has been saved.