BlueSpice 4.1

BlueSpice 4.1 is a Minor Release.

Point Releases

4.1.4June 15, 2022
4.1.3April 26, 2022
4.1.2March 17, 2022
4.1.1February 8, 2022
4.1.0January 19, 2022

Important new features in BlueSpice 4.1 pro

Function Description Screenshot
New standard skin "Discovery" Modern, light-weight skin. We focused on a neutral design and thought a lot about usability. As an alternative, you can still activate the previous "Calumma" skin.
Skin "Discovery"
Skin "Discovery"
FlexiSkin With the FlexiSkin editor, you can change the logo, colors, and fonts within minutes directly in the wiki.
Workflows The workflow function has been completely revised. Workflows are now based on BPMN. This makes it easier to adapt them to special requirements. Four review workflows are already included.
Selecting a workflow
Selecting a workflow
My tasks The new “My Tasks” overview page enables users to view and process all pending workflow tasks or read confirmations.
My tasks
My tasks
BPMN diagrams You can now create business processes in BPMN format. The diagrams can be exported as XML files or in SVG format.
BPMN diagram
BPMN diagram
Two-factor authentication Logins to the wiki can now also be configured to require an additional one-time password or a physical security key (Fido stick).

Additional added Extensions

Developer: MW=MediaWiki Extension HW: Hallo Welt! Extension
Extension Developer Description
DataTransfer MW Allows for importing and exporting the contents of a wiki's pages in XML and CSV form, using template calls to define the fields
EventBus MW Propagates state changes (edit, move, delete, revision visibility, etc) to a RESTful event service, providing consumers of the service with the means of tracking changes to MediaWiki content.
Forms HW A new all-purpose forms framework for MediaWiki.
Loops MW Parser functions for performing loops.
OATHAuth MW Provides authentication support using HMAC based one-time passwords. Now by default activated in BlueSpice pro.
PageCheckout HW Grants a user exclusive rights on a page. Works in conjunction with the Worfklows extension.
PageHeader HW Provides an additional user interface before the page content
RevisionSlider MW Shows a slider allowing selecting and comparing of revisions on a diff page.
SecureLinkFixer MW Rewrites URLs to HTTPS if domain always requires HTTPS.
StandardDialogs MW Provides dialog user interfaces for common page actions.
WebAuthn MW Provides authentication support using WebAuthn protocol.

Extensions that are no longer included

  • BlueSpiceBookshelfUI: Removed since BlueSpice 3.2.
  • BlueSpiceEditNotifyConnector: Removed since BlueSpice 3.2.
  • BlueSpiceReview and BlueSpiceReviewExtended: Replaced by Workflows.
  • BlueSpiceSocialArticleActions
  • BlueSpiceTagSearch: Removed since BlueSpice 3.2.
  • BlueSpiceUserMergeConnector
  • BluespiceVisualDiff
  • CookieWarning: Functionality has been integrated in BlueSpicePrivacy.
  • Duplicator (Copying a page): Replaced by StandardDialogs.
  • EditNotify: Removed since BlueSpice 3.2.
  • Quiz
  • Page Schemas
  • Semantic Internal Objects

Additional changes in BlueSpice free

  • Removal of the LDAP stack: LDAP extensions are now only bundled with BlueSpice pro.
  • BlueSpicePermissionManager: Custom settings are only available in BlueSpice pro.

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