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Release Notes

Copyright 2018 by Hallo Welt! GmbH

BlueSpice 3.0.0

BlueSpice 3.0.0 is a major release.
This is a stable release.

Notable changes

New features

  • Social: an activity, communication and interaction layer
  • Extended Search: based on ElasticSearch and completely new interface
  • Responsive skin "Calumma": supports mobile view and touch interaction
  • Graphical list: new interface element for better usability
  • MediaWiki VisualEditor: native support for wikitext
  • Role-based permissions: simplifies rights configuration
  • ArticlePreviewImages: see the content of an article in various lists
  • Authentication stack: LDAP and SAML authentication

Other significant changes

  • Architecture: All extensions have their own repository
  • Architecture: Compatibility with MediaWiki 1.31 LTS
  • Architecture: Dialogs and grids now use ExtJS 6
  • Architecture: License is now GPL-3.0-only
  • Architecture: Reworked configuration system
  • Architecture: Reworked notification system
  • Architecture: Complete use of new MediaWiki auth manager
  • ArticleInfo: Uses new flyout for quick interaction
  • Bookmaker: Books with preview images and covers
  • Calumma: Breadcrumbs show the page context
  • Calumma: Facilitate sidebar customisation with "Edit sidebar" links
  • Calumma: Global actions and right sidebar make relevant functionality quickly accessible
  • Calumma: Intelligent navigation bars only open when needed
  • Calumma: New page dialog to create a new namespaced page or subpage
  • Calumma: Quality assessment navigation shows page status at a glance
  • Calumma: Subpage dialog to find and navigate to subpages
  • Calumma: Visual recent changes show preview images of recently changed pages
  • CategoryCheck: Integration in VisualEditor
  • Checklist: Inspector for VisualEditor
  • Checklist: Improved logging of checklist changes
  • ConfigManager: Search for configuration options and visual overhaul
  • CountThings: Inspector for VisualEditor
  • Expiry: Use new flyout for quick interaction
  • ExtendedSearch: Improved facets
  • ExtendedSearch: Individual boosts of search results
  • ExtendedSearch: Search for semantic properties
  • ExtendedStatistics: Improved workflow
  • ExtJS Base: ExtJS for all MediaWiki extensions
  • FilterableTables: Turn almost any table into a filterable one
  • FlaggedRevsConnector: Use new flyout for quick interaction
  • InsertCategory: Use flyout widget
  • InsertMagic: VisualEditor integration
  • MediaWiki extension: CodeEditor for easy editing of script and code fragments
  • MediaWiki extension: Lingo for glossary function
  • MediaWiki extension: Popups for quick page preview
  • MediaWiki extension: TwoColConflict for edit conflict resolution
  • MediaWiki extension: SemanticScributo for scripting Semantic MediaWiki
  • Multiupload: Provide a dropzone element for quick uploads
  • Multiupload: Upload several files at once
  • NamespaceCSS: New manager for namespace specific CSS files
  • NamespaceManager: Add more options and visual overhaul
  • PageAssignments: Use new flyout for quick interaction
  • PermissionManager: Role-based system
  • PermissionManager: Searchable overview of included rights
  • PermissionManager: Improved logging of permission changes
  • QrCode: QR code to open the page on a mobile device
  • Reminder: Use new flyout for quick interaction
  • Smartlist: Inspector for VisualEditor
  • SMWConnector: Inject security trimming into ask queries
  • Social: Attachments for articles
  • Social: Discussions at the end of an article
  • Social: Resolved state for discussions to track open issues
  • Social: Blog feature for central information
  • Social: User profile with customizable fields
  • Social: Central list of activities
  • TagSearch: Inspector for VisualEditor
  • UserInfo: Quick info about a user in a hovercard
  • VisualEditor: Inspectors for BlueSpice tags
  • VisualEditor: Create filterable and exportable tables
  • VisualEditor: Improved image search
  • VisualEditorConnector: Provide framework for tool plugins and interaction with tags
  • VisualEditorConnector: Provide widget for use in extension form elements
  • WebDAV: Major rewrite and stabilisation
  • WikiExplorer: Improve filters for category and dates

Removed extensions

  • Blog: Replaced by Timeline blog
  • RatedComments: Replaced by Timeline discussions
  • Shoutbox: Replaced by Timeline discussions
  • TopBarMenuCustomizer: Contact Hallo Welt! if needed
  • ExtensionInfo: All information goes to Special:Version now
  • FormattingHelp: No longer needed in VisualEditor
  • PasteImage: Directly supported by VisualEditor
  • FlexiSkin: Skin is configurable on the server side
  • BlueSpicePreferences: Replaced by ConfigManager


  • MediaWiki 1.31 LTS
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 or Linux (common distributions)
  • Web server: Apache 2+, IIS 8+
  • PHP 7.0+
  • MySQL 5.6+ or MariaDB 10+
  • Apache Tomcat 8+ (for UEModulePDF, VisualDiff and LaTexRenderer)
  • ElasticSearch 6+
  • Java 8+
  • NodeJS 6+
  • Chrome, Firefox, Internet Eplorer 11, Edge

The Team


  • Markus Glaser
  • Radovan Kubani
  • Sebastian Ulbricht
  • Marc Reymann
  • Mathias Scheer
  • Thomas Lorenz
  • Tobias Weichart
  • Robert Vogel
  • Erwin Forster
  • Karl Waldmannstetter
  • Daniel Lynge
  • Tobias Davids
  • Patric Wirth
  • Stephan Muggli
  • Stefan Widmann
  • Jan Göttlich
  • Benedikt Hofmann
  • Daniel Vogel
  • Leonid Verhovskij
  • Gerhard Diller
  • Mannfred Dennerlein
  • Dejan Savuljesku
  • Josef Konrad
  • Philipp Pirzer
  • Peter Böhm

Design & Testing

  • Anja Ebersbach
  • Richard Heigl
  • Nathalie Köpff
  • Michael Rödl
  • Michael Scherm
  • Dardan Diugan
  • Christina Glaser
  • Christian Graf
  • Angelika Müller
  • Karl Skodnik
  • Astrid Scheffler
  • Sabine Gürtler
  • Thomas Schnakenberg
  • Sabrina Dürr
  • Tobias Kornprobst
  • Luisa Roth
  • Ljubica Sireta
  • David Schweiger
  • Florian Bäckmann


  • Aaron Schulz
  • Acamicamacaraca
  • Alangi Derick
  • addshore
  • Albert221
  • Amir Sarabadani
  • amritsreekumar
  • Antoine Musso
  • Aryeh Gregor
  • Aude
  • Basil Hershberger
  • Brad Jorsch
  • Chad Horohoe
  • Christian Aistleitner
  • David Sn
  • Demon
  • Florian
  • Florianschmidtwelzow
  • Fomafix
  • Frederic Mohr
  • Gergö Tisza
  • Guycn2
  • hexmode
  • idakuch
  • James D. Forrester
  • Jayprakash12345
  • Jforrester
  • jhsoby
  • Justin Du
  • Kunal Mehta
  • Legoktm
  • libraryupgrader
  • MarcoAurelio
  • Mark A. Hershberger
  • Max Semenik
  • MaxSem
  • MtDu
  • OmkarJ
  • Ori Livneh
  • Paladox
  • Phantom42
  • Prateek Saxena
  • Purodha
  • QChris
  • Raimond Spekking
  • Raymond
  • RazeSoldier
  • Reedy
  • rlot
  • Rohitt Vashishtha
  • Siebrand Mazeland
  • Subin Siby
  • TGC
  • Tulsi Bhagat
  • Umherirrender
  • Yuki Shira
  • Yuriy Shnitkovskiy
  • withoutaname
  • Zoranzoki21


BlueSpice is translated at Many, many thanks for your contributions! Special thanks go out to Raimond Spekking and Siebrand Mazeland for all the i18n reviews.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

We would like to thank all the people around MediaWiki. You've created a wonderful piece of software. Thanks a lot!