Release Notes

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Copyright 2018 by Hallo Welt! GmbH

BlueSpice 2.27.3

BlueSpice 2.27.3 is a patch release. This is a stable release.


  • MediaWiki 1.27 LTS
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows Server 2008+ or Linux (common distributions)
  • Web server: Apache 2+, IIS 7+
  • PHP 5.6 to 7.0
  • MySQL 5.4+ or MariaDB 10+
  • Apache Tomcat 8 (for ExtendedSearch, UEModulePDF, VisualDiff and LaTexRenderer)
  • Java 8+
  • Chrome, Firefox, Internet Eplorer 11, Edge

BlueSpice Foundation

  • Foundation: Add BSTestPermissions.php
  • Foundation: Add getSubpagesSorted function
  • Foundation: Add PageExport dialog
  • Foundation: Add UrlTitleParser to BSFoundation for a better way to get a title from an url
  • Foundation: Add more base classes for MW hooks
  • Foundation: Add real client side filter validation to ExtJS string field grid filter
  • Foundation: BsCore::registerBehaviorSwitch fix exists check in_array
  • Foundation: Fix FileRepo grid thumb view
  • Foundation: Fix for JS variables
  • Foundation: Fix for loader bar position
  • Foundation: Fix getPathsToExpand function
  • Foundation: Fix typo in word parser
  • Foundation: Maintenance script to add docx, pptx and xlsx fileicons to mediawiki
  • Foundation: PageContentProvider: Add additional wrapper classes
  • Foundation: TitleCombo.js: Added note and visualization for non-existing pages

BlueSpice Free

  • EchoConnector: Fix cut off notifications in Special:Notifications #7582
  • EchoConnector: Fix cut of text in notifications on echo special page #7582
  • EchoConnector: Fix digest
  • EchoConnector: Improved digest formatting
  • EditNotifyConnector: Add loader file for backward compatibility
  • ArticleInfo: Changed the recent added getSubpagesSorted the match the style of ArticleHelper
  • ArticleInfo: Fix for subpage list sorting
  • ContextMenu: Fix for fatal when link is broken
  • ContextMenu: Fix links for IE11
  • ExtendedSearch: Add export results to wiki-list functionality
  • ExtendedSearch: Fix for NSFR files
  • ExtendedSearch: Fix for not indexing files in namespaces
  • ExtendedSearch: Fix indexing of Open Document files
  • ExtendedSearch: Fix pseudo protocol issue with external files
  • Extensions: Fix HideTitle breaking javascript with inline script
  • FlexiSkin: Update Path Build on Logo directory interator to prevent lookup error on special data and image paths (non

default config)

  • InsertMagic: Pre select quick access when not empty
  • NamespaceManager: Add support for editing namespaces with hyphen in name
  • PageAssignment: Add permissions to assigned users fix
  • PageAssignments: Add page link to notifications
  • PageAssignments: Backport opt-in for temporary permissions
  • PageAssignments: Fix I18N for notifications
  • PermissionManager: Fix for template permission display
  • RSSStandards: Fix param types in Category and Watchlist
  • Statistics: Fix for column label and dataIndex
  • Statistics: Fix for NaN error on list
  • UEModulePDF: Add option to set source attribute for PDF export
  • UEModulePDF/FileResolver: Consider file timestamp
  • UEModulePDF: Fix for image width in PDF
  • UEModulePDF: Fix for tables being too wide
  • UEModulePDF: Fix SVG support
  • UEModulePDF: Handle DISPLAYTITLE with "&"
  • UEModulePDF: PDF Templates with new BlueSpice Logo
  • VisualEditor: Fix: Browser freezes if a special tag has a template in it
  • VisualEditor: Fix for <> in tables - commit 2
  • VisualEditor: Fix for broken syntax by "link in caption"
  • VisualEditor: Fix for scrolling - check existence of #editform
  • VisualEditor: Fix for square brackets inside external links
  • VisualEditor: Improved readablity of __NOEDITOR__ logic
  • WikiAdmin: Admin menu - individual module permission check
  • LdapAuthenticationConnector: Remove composer extension autoactivation
  • LdapAuthenticationConnector: Update LdapAuthenticationConnector.setup.php

BlueSpice Pro

  • Bookmaker: Add MassAdd posibility
  • Bookmaker: Fix for "ue:meta/title" not evaluated
  • Bookmaker: PMP: Fixed PDF-Export with Subpages on VisualDiffs
  • CategoryManager: BSWikiAdmin: Admin menu - individual module permission check
  • NSFileRepoConnector: Add autoscrolling to the preselected element
  • NSFileRepoConnector: Fix bug where namespace form field was not loaded in chrome
  • NSFileRepoConnector: Set namespace selection combobox to config value
  • PasteImage: Fix bookmark selection path to use correct object
  • Rating: Add recommended text to like article rating, when user voted #5238
  • Review: Add opt-in for temporary permissions
  • Review: Applying HACK for extended permissions
  • Review: Changed some icons to new icon font
  • SMWConnector: Add migration scripts
  • SMWConnector: Changed path to MediaWiki maintenance.php
  • SMWConnector: Change selector due to change in extension name
  • SMWConnector: Fix code styling
  • SMWConnector: Fix for PageForms DateImePicker
  • SMWConnector: Fix language selection Fix plugin list
  • Teamwork: Fix hard coded requirement of extension PageAssignments
  • Teamwork: Fix template store getting cut of after 25 entries ERM:#8662
  • Teamwork: PMP: Fixed spelling mistake
  • WikiExplorer: API Unittest

BlueSpice Skin

  • Skin: Fixes size of elements