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Welcome to the BlueSpice Wiki!

This Wiki provides you with feature descriptions, support and tips and tricks on how to use your BlueSpice wiki.

Do you want some interesting entry points?


User manual

In the user manual, we will guide you step-by-step through BlueSpice. You will get an overview of the wiki, learn how to create articles, and how to enhance them by including pictures, links and files. Furthermore, we will show you ways to structure and personalize your BlueSpice wiki.

Admin manual

The admin manual compiles topics concerning the administration of a wiki: user, group and permission management, global settings in BlueSpice, as well as working with templates.

The right BlueSpice for everyone

You either have the free version of BlueSpice, a subscription of BlueSpice pro, or manually installed additional packages. No matter what, here you will find detailed descriptions of your installation:


Here you will find an up-to-date list showing you the most recent changes on the Wiki. Take a peek!

... or just take a look at our How to portals. You can find links in the navigation menu on the right.

Have fun!